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How Can I Get My Boston Reed College Transcript and Money Back?

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

I went to a college in California for a 3 month EKG tech program successfully completed and paid for from my parents. Boston Reed College literally after we all had graduated and tried finding jobs the school was later discredited and now we can’t get ahold of anyone because the site no longer exists.

Is there a way if any, if my parents can get back the money that they had spent sending me to that program. They shouldn’t have to pay if there was no point in taking the classes and the school later discredited and closed down. no contact no nothing.



Dear Kristin,

It seems like Boston Reed College is vanishing quickly so you should request a copy of your transcript as soon as possible if you don’t have one.

I found two ways of requesting a transcript and who knows how long these will work.

One request form has the following contact information:

Boston Reed
2799 Napa Valley Corporate Drive

Phone: 800-201-1141
Fax: 888-600-1536

[email protected]

Here are the forms I found: Here and Here.

As far as possibly getting any money back, your only chance would be if the school was paid for with federal student loans. The Department of Education has a process for closed schools. But to be eligible for a federal student loan discharge you would have had to attend not long before the school closed.

Outside of that, the chances are pretty much zero.

Think of it like this, the product was defective and the merchant went out of business. You could always try to sue the school to recover tuition but it is a long shot and can be very expensive.

It looks like the school had quality problems since at least 2012. I’m not sure when you went there. The reviews by others are pretty bad.

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  • I have been trying to get a hold of them from months to get a copy of my transcript without success. If anyone finds out a way to contact them please let me know.

  • I need an affidavit or transcripts so I can get my license back from the bop. Does anyone know what to do or how to reach them. This is very unfortunate I cant believe this I went in 2013. I let my license exp in 2017 never thought this would happen tho

  • I have been trying to get my transcripts for a couple of years but I can seem to get them I even called state board of education for Boston reed school for pharmacy technician. Is there anyway you could help me, PLease

    • The one option that works is a bit aggressive but will do the trick. Depending on your need and balance owed you can file bankruptcy to legally eliminate the unsecured debt and free your transcript. Outside of that, you will either need to pay the balance or negotiate a settlement for less than the full balance due.

  • That used to be a good school when I went there. Of course that was quite a number of years ago, back in 2002. Sorry you had a bad experience.

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