Debt Recovery Pro Questions CFPB Complaint Post


Dear Steve,

you guys posted wrong information about our company . this link has to be removed immediately . additional information given to our attorney.




Dear Abdessatar,

The post you referenced came from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It appears that Debt Recovery Pro has two complaints in its complaint database at the time of this post.

Additionally, it appears the information provided by the third-party (CFPB) does still match an active listing in their system so I’m not sure what about the post is “wrong.”

Please let me know by posting a comment below to help clarify your concerns. It’s just not clear if you are objecting to the post or the consumer complaint that the CFPB says was closed by in a timely fashion by Debt Recovery Pro with the comment “Company believes complaint represents an opportunity for improvement to better serve consumers.”


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2 thoughts on “Debt Recovery Pro Questions CFPB Complaint Post”

  1. Hi steve,
    both cases were made to Debt recovery (. ……),LLC similar name but different company that was explained in the CFBP web portal
    I have no idea why they are in your website in the first place . yes we are objecting about the post needs to be removed screen shots has been taken and given to our attorney.

    • The posts come from a feed from the CFPB. What exactly is the error you are objecting to? It is not clear. The third-party content came from the CFPB and it is still in their database under the name Debt Recovery Pro ,LLC.

      Both complaints, in the CFPB database don’t say it is the wrong company, it says “Company public response:
      Company believes complaint represents an opportunity for improvement to better serve consumers.”

      I’m happy to update the post but I still don’t get what is wrong since it matches the CFPB data feed exactly. If you’d like to add a statement to the post about why you think it is in error, please use this form https://getoutofdebt.org/report-an-error


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