Polk Partners Leads to Finance Solutions That Leads to…

Recently I wrote about a mailer a reader had sent me from Polk Partners.

The mailer appeared to be the standard “we want desperately to give you a loan” offer but once you read the fine print on their website you learned reality might be different. Their website said, “Polk Partners is not an agent of you or any lender. Polk Partners services are only administrative. Polk Partners is a paid marketing lead generator.”

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Another reader sent this in after reading that previous post.

“When one calls Polk Partners from the mailer, an operator answers to gather your name and number. You cannot speak to anyone or ask any questions and must get called back.

We gave a fake phone number so didn’t get a call, but did get an email – attached. Appears its financesolutions.org.”

In an odd coincidence, the Finance Solutions has this disclaimer on the bottom of their website, “Minnesota Users: Finance Solutions does not provide debt settlement services directly. It does act as an intermediary or referral agent between a debtor and an entity actually providing debt settlement services.” – Source

That sounds like yet another marketing or referral company. And when you look at the about us page on their site, they do say “Our fees are paid by the companies to whom we refer our clients.”

So if the reader’s statements are factual, the original mailer from Polk Partners led to a referral to another company, Finance Solutions, that can lead to another referral.

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