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I’m Being Sued by Zwicker & Associates for Amex. – Mick

“Dear Steve,

I am being sued by Zwicker & associates There first contact with me was a summons. They claim to be representing AMEX, But I believe that they are A Debt collector. I have sent in an answer to the summons to the court and to them,but they say that they do not have to answer my questions and have filed for a summary judgment. I sent 2 Debt Validation letters which they have ignored.

I want to show the court that Zwicker & associates are debt collectors. I am trying to get them to provide the contract that they have with AMEX to prove if they are working directly for them. Is there a list of Lawsuits against them I could research so that I can send the court examples of their debt collection practises. Or any other papers that would show the court who they really are.

Thanks for your help.


Dear Mick,

Why not just simply call American Express and ask them if Zwicker & Associates is representing them against you? Seems like the easiest way to get a straight answer.

You should seek legal advice from a lawyer licensed in your state if you need guidance on how to handle the case in court. If you feel Zwicker has violated your rights under the Fair Debt Collection practices Act (FDCPA) you might want to contact for assistance.

Please update me on your progress by posting updates here in the comments section of your question. I’m very interested in how this works out for you.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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  • I have been contacted by Zwicker & Ass for my Ge Money loan account which have gone to them. They called me so many times that I finally had to answer because I was afraid that they might call my work (which they did). Are they allowed to call my work? This time, I had set up a payment arrangement where I would pay $175 a month and I followed through then they called me over and over again after that plan ended. I was willing to continue with that plan but the guy that I spoke to after been transferred, was so rude and intimidating. He said that he could take me to court if I don’t agree to his payment arrangement where he said I need to pay $300 for the 1st month, 400 the next then jumped to $600. I told him that was impossible as I have other bills to pay too and I was the only one working. He asked me if I have any property and to sell my car to pay them. What?? I know I owe and am willing to pay but come on, to force me to pay an amount that would kill me. What can I do to prevent them for taking me to court? I don’t want them to call my work as well.

    • Send a letter asking for debt validaton also ask them to cease and desist all phone calls I used a Law Office to help me with Zwicker and Associates once you send this letter Certified return receipt they will break the law by continuing to contact you, the law office I used is great they got me $2000.00 for them breaking the law. Its called Lumberg Associates you should try them

  • Zwicker and associates are a bunch of money-hungry thieves.  They are junk debt collectors.  They say they are representing Target, Discover, American Express, etc.  One attorney goes to court and starts naming suits.  Zwicker buys the debt and misrepresents themselves.  They are crooks and will get away with it until you report them to:

    Federal Trade Commission

    Your states Attorney General

    Zwicker has had Federal Trade Commission fines for inappropriate junk collector practices.  Wake up and do something. Everyone file a lawsuit against them and show them that you know your rights.  They are our for the almighty dollar no matter what they have to do to get it.  Fight for your rights now.

    For every illegal thing Zwicker does, you can sue for $1500.  This adds up in a hurry with all their illegal tactics.  Don’t be afraid to fight them.  They are illegal JUNK DEBT COLLECTORS out to scare you into paying them.

    Do it today and show them you know your rights.



  • I am a practicing attorney in Irvine California and have a pending lawsuit for civil rights violation in the Central District Court, Santa Ana, CA, Case: Oakley v. Osuna, et al., Case No. SACV 10-706 JVS. This case involves the filing of a perjured proof and service and subsequent entry of default judgment. I do not believe mine is an isolated incident but need the identify of similarly situated persons in order to obtain class certification. If you are or know of similarly situated person, please contact Randal Oakley, Stafford Law Group, (949) 387-8419.

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