Debt Collector Scam

United Legal Investigation Bureau is Coming After Me

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Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

A threatening e-mail saying I owe for a loan I NEVER TOOK. Telling me I will be served if I don’t pay in 24 hours. Threatening all the things you list in your bogus letters. Telling my employer, my family, the case will be downloaded in 24 hours and I will be served in 3 days. Problem is I did apply for on line loans but they are saying LEND UP I NEVER SIGNED OR RECEIVED A LOAN FROM LEND UP. They are going to serve me, set a court date and garnish my wages saying I committed online fraud.

I NEVER GOT A LOAN FROM LEND UP AND IT’S NOT EVEN ON MY CREDIT. I am scared are they allowed to put me in jail???? I have a severely handicapped daughter that I care for 24/7 as her guardian I CAN NOT HAVE CONVICTIONS OF ANY KIND ON MY RECORD TO BE HER GUARDIAN.

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Dear Lydia,

99.99% It’s a scam. Ignore it.

This is an effective scam that has been catching people for years. Read this.

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