Is the FBI Letter I Got About Titan Legal Processing Real?


Dear Steve,

I’ve been in contract (can cancel anytime) with Titan Legal Processing since 3/2018.

They’re fighting my 13 creditors to pay off my $26000 debt at a reduced balance, so I am not paying the full balances with all the interest. This is supposed to be completed by March 2022. I received the FBI fraud letter in the email but found it suspect.

I sent an email to the person at the FBI handling my potential fraud. I didn’t get a reply, so in return, I am not replying to them.

My credit has been tanked since I started with TLP, and I’m not sure it can start rising again until all of the debt is paid off. They seem to have paid off 7 of my lower debts.

They are taking fees every month and a total of 20% of the debt as payment for their services. I just wonder if I should continue in light of the FBI letter or if I can do better elsewhere.

Shall I continue staying in contract with Titan Legal Processing? Or shall I cancel and write letters/fight creditors on my own. They are expensive, and if they are a company with fraudulent practices, then I wonder if that can reflect on how they handle my case as well down the road.

The mysterious FBI fraud letter I received is what prompted me to take another look at them. Thanks!



Dear May,

I find it very difficult to make a determination for others that some company is a scam. Not only do people have differing definitions of what a scam is, but I think that only you can determine if you are comfortable and/or satisfied with the service you are receiving from Titan Legal Processing.

I’m confident that the people at Titan Legal Processing feel they’ve done nothing wrong. And if you contact them with your concerns, their level of kind customer service in response might calm your concerns. However, if they don’t have any good answers or a poor customer service response to your concerns, that may tell you something as well.

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Here is what I do know about Titan Legal Processing:

  1. My previous posts on Titan Legal Processing are here.
  2. The BBB advises consumers about Titan Legal Processing. They said, “Better Business Bureau (BBB) advises consumers to use caution when dealing with Titan Legal Processing LLC, a debt relief services company headquartered in Belleville, Illinois. Consumers allege the business failed to provide services after collecting up-front fees, delayed issuing refunds, and provided poor customer service.”
  3. The FBI appears to be actively seeking customers of Titan Legal Processing and Titan Consulting Group to contact them on the FBI website using this form.

FBI Letter About Titan Legal Processing

It is clearly your decision if you want to follow up with the FBI. You responded to their email and did not get a response, so you have decided not to pursue it.

But here is an alternative point of view. The FBI is a bureaucratic government law enforcement agency. Your request is a drip in the ocean, and it is easy for it to get lost in the daily noise of work there.

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I think you owe it to yourself to try harder to get a response. Maybe pick up the phone and call if they gave you a telephone number. It would be best if you had feedback, answers, and information to make the most informed decision possible.

Talking to the FBI contact will be a good thing to do to accomplish that.

You might talk to the FBI and decide the results from Titan Legal Processing have been fantastic for you, they are not collecting any upfront fees, and their customer service has been top-notch. In that case, you’ll probably decide to continue with Titan Legal Processing.

If you wanted to take the fastest way out of debt for the least amount of money, hopefully, Titan Legal Processing told you that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy would eliminate all your debts tax-free in about 90 days and cost less than $2,000. It is also the fastest way to rebuild your credit.

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I Really Want to Know What You Decide to Do

Please let me know what you decide to do by coming back here and posting a comment below.

I’m very curious what you will decide after making an effort to talk to the FBI, consider your own experience, and ponder the issue for a minute.

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