I Can’t Quit the Debt Program I’m in That I Think is a Scam


Dear Steve,

I am at the moment involved with Rockwell. I cannot financially afford to just quit the program and lose the money I have paid them and still settle my debt.

Therefore I am sticking it out as long as I can (also buying time to correlate getting out in a better manner). I also need to continue in order to attempt through the AG of MN (Ellison) to pursue a permanent solution to the elimination of this company.

Everyone I have seen simply screams fraud and quits. That does not solve the base problem–their existence. Many people will need help with debt after COVID-19. I do not want to see anyone have to go through what I am and this type of thing could cause them to become homeless. It leads people to commit suicide!!!

If I can continue to fight with them to pay my debt and gather evidence at the same time I can also work on shutting them down permanently.

Suing as the Ice Law firms to be is at best a band-aid and help to only a few. It is monetary only.

I would like to see the actual case filed by Ice Legal. The link and/or access to it do not work.

Strategic has also become employee-owned. Does that mean that any and all employees can be prosecuted as owners?




Dear Pamela,

Here is the current listing of cases in federal court that involved Ice Legal.

Ice Legal Federal Court Cases

Here is a document from the most recent case they became involved with as special counsel to the Bankruptcy Trustee.

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In that case, Ice Legal was brought in by the Bankruptcy Trustee to go after The Anchor Law Firm.

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I would hate to assume what “Strategic” company you are exactly referring to but my answer would be the same regardless. You ask a good question that requires a legal answer. I am not an attorney.

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According to the Ice Legal website, they have been engaged in lawsuits against Anchor Law Firm, Boulder Legal Group, Wyolaw, Summit Law Firm, Strategic Finance Solutions, Global Client Solutions, Ascend Legal Group, Dubin Legal Group, Bedrock Legal, A. Florio & Associates, Canyon Legal Group, Carolina Legal Services, Daniel Rufty Legal, Chinn Legal Group, Halo Group, Colonial Law Group, The Commonwealth Law Group, Law Office of Amber Florio, Credit Advocates Law Firm, Jason Blust, Valerie Chin, Crimson Legal Group, Frontier Consumer Law Group, Lori Leigh, Gardner Legal, Glacier Bay Law, Law Offices of Heiser Legal Group, Great Lakes Law Firm, Harbor Legal Group, Heartland Legal Group, Henry Legal Group, Hinds Law, First America Law, Law Offices of Michelle Hinds, Monarch Legal Group, Burnette Legal Group, Northstar Legal Group, Law Offices of Northstar Legal Group, Phoenix Legal Group, Lori Leigh, Pioneer Law Firm, Rockwell Legal Group, Hodyno & Associates, Royal Legal Group, Slate Legal Group, Spring Legal Group, Law Office of Melissa Michel, Stonepoint Legal Group, Donald Norris Associates, The Sands Law Group, and Whitestone Legal Group. – Source

Clearly, the only logical answer I can give you is to suggest you talk to someone at Ice Legal and discuss your situation and concerns. They give this contact information.

If you feel you are being taken advantage of, you don’t need to put yourself in a deeper hole to stick it out. Do whatever is best for you. You should not feel like you have to take one for the team.

Please update me in the comments below about what you decide to do.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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