Debt Settlement USA Review. Not Pretty.

My friend Damon Day recently did a contract review for a client of his who was tangled up with the debt settlement company, Debt Settlement USA. Damon’s review didn’t pull any punches and I thought his catch of the discrepancy in the fees charged and the time to complete the program was brilliant.

When I use a real calculator and check their fuzzy math, the only way for this client to finish up the program in the amount of time that they estimate and still cover their fees, would be if they settle all of this client’s debt for about 34 cents on the dollar. Hmm, according to the President of Debt Settlement USA in response to a complaint against them, he claimed that their settlements average about 43 cents on the dollar. That means, the program is probably going to last longer and definitely cost more than their rosy scenario that they are giving the client.

If you are considering using Debt Settlement USA for debt settlement services I would suggest you take a few minutes to read Damon’s entire review. Be sure not to miss the highlights below while you are reading it.


  1. They charge 14% of a clients total debt as a fee
  2. They charge their entire fee over the first 11 months in their program
  3. Their fee is not contingent on any sort of results
  4. If you stop making payments, they can still keep their fees, even if they haven’t settled any debt

Read the full Debt Settlement USA contract review by Damon, here.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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