Should I File Bankruptcy. We Are Hanging By a Thread. – Kellie

“Dear Steve,

Husband and i both lost our jobs and we are hanging by a thread with child support and unemployment.

My question is we have about 1300 a month in income and about 3000 a month in bills with credit cards mortgage lights food etc. that dies not include the 1000 of dollars in medical bills we have, my question is what is a safe way to go right now? i know debt settllement wont help (have be able to afford them) is bankruptcy or foreclosure a smart route and will that scar us for life? right now we just need some direction as to what might be our best option?



Dear Kellie,

Let me get it out there right away, bankruptcy. In fact, click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney and make an appointment to go meet them in person, both of you.

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Bankruptcy is the only logical and legal choice that will give you protections from your creditors and help to resolve the debt.

The reason bankruptcy seems so frightening is because you don’t really know enough about it yet. The free appointment with the bankruptcy attorney will answer those questions for you. It’s like if I was to push you into a pitch black room, you’d be scared of what you could not see. But if I turned on the light and you went into the room, you’d feel much more comfortable and safe.

Does anyone wake up and say “I’d love to go bankrupt today,” no they don’t. But when faced with an impossible financial situation and having a legal and court approved solution available, bankruptcy just isn’t that bad of a solution.

You will be able to get credit again and bankruptcy will not ruin your life. In fact, your credit score can be easily rebuilt after bankruptcy. I can show you how.

Bottom line, the fear is much, much, much worse than the reality. Learn as much as you can about the process and ask all the questions you can of the attorney.

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There is no doubt that your situation will be much better once you get this debt you can not possibly deal with off your back.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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