Morgan Drexen and Some of the Consumer Complaints Against Them

Under a Freedom of Information request a document was obtained which contains a number of complaints filed by consumers against Morgan Drexen, the Nevada and California based debt settlement enterprise. Morgan Drexen appears to be coming under an increasing level of scrutiny and has been the subject of a number of consumer complaints and lawsuits for services. – Source

Of particular interest is the alleged confession from a Morgan Drexen employee who says:

Consumer used to work for Morgan Drexen debt settlement company. Consumer states that they would tell the client not to pay their bills and that they should not worry about their credit scores. Company would also tell them they would have the lawyers mail out forms but it was the agents that did it. Company would be told to take people off their mailing list and call list and they would not do it. Company would take money from client and tell them it would go into a trust fund. Consumer does not know what they did with the money after the fact. Company would tell consumer what to say on recordings before they recorded the agreement with the company.

Here is a listing of some of the complaints filed against this debt settlement company.

  • Consumer stated she obtained the services from the company to assist her with her debt. Consumer stated the company never paid her creditors and now she has legal problems. Consumer stated she had requested a refund but has not receive it. Morgan Drexen representatives involved: Renee Ortega, Matt Degroat
  • Complaint was forwarded by the State of Georgia Department of Law. Consumer writes that Morgan Drexen Integrated Legal Systems, a debt management/credit counseling service, failed to negotiate with two of the consumer’s creditors causing a lawsuit to be filed against the consumer from the creditors. The consumer owes more money now than they did when they initiated contact with MDILS. The MDILS appointed attorney does not return the consumer’s phone calls. The attorney was assigned to the consumer after the consumer’s court date with creditors and the company had withdrawn funds from the consumer’s checking account without forwarding any of that money to the consumer’s creditors.
  • I am filing this for my mother, she believes she was scammed by this company. They convinced her that she’d be relieved of some of the debt on her credit card. By paying them a monthly payment that was even lower than the card was billing her. They would star a trust account and make an offer to Chase Bank at some time in the future but set her up on a 48 month plan to pay $166.88 with $45.00 each month being their fee. And after she pain $810.00 then the trust would start to build. The attorney representing her sent a “cease and desist” order to Chase Bank. She was not even delinquent on the card until Morgan Drexen got involved. Within three months Chase Bank increased the interest rate from 3.99% to 29%. This started in 01/08. Chase Bank charged off the debt 08/08. Balance increased from $10,500 to $11,756 in interest and late charges. At the end of 48 months mom would have paid $8,010.24-$2,970 = $5140.24. Less than half the original balance. They told me by phone when I got involved in this they’d make an offer to Chase bank when balance was 25%-40% of balance and then whatever was accepted by Chase Bank they will retain 25% of the difference in other fees. This is ridiculous. 1) She really didn’t qualify for this plan. 2) She was not required to even complete all the application for the program. 3) This was not an equitable plan and in actuality would not save her any money plus ruin her perfect credit rating by letting the card go delinquent. They have scammed her. She was 78 when this started and has been preyed upon. She didn’t need debt relief and was convinced that she just wouldn’t have to pay all the card balance for some reason. She did discuss this with me since I was making the payment for her. I thought it sounded OK if that was what she wanted but then she came to me and asked if I could make a larger payment because it was not accomplishing anything at $166 per month. I then began to examine the paperwork and the statements she had. I should have studied them from the start and convinced her not to do it. So, it’s partly my fault. I just want the fees to be returned to her, however that will not restore her credit. She says she doesn’t care about the credit but she always was proud of hers and daddy’s credit till now. And I think that just goes with the aging process.
  • Consumer received a phone call from Morgan Drexen Group stating they could help her resolve her financial debt. Consumer was told her debt could be lowered by 30% if she chose their services and was willing to pay their fee of $226 per month. Consumer agreed and was told not to respond to any of her creditors and not to pay any of the monthly bills. Consumer was told to forward all she received from her creditors to Morgan Drexen Group and they would handle it appropriately. Consumer did as requested and none of her creditors have been paid and some are threatening lawsuits. Consumer sent in a letter from Loeb and Loeb stating that Morgan Drexen was being investigated.
  • This company was to negotiate my credit card debts with four credit card companies. They were also to set up a payment plan so that over a three year period my debt would be paid to those companies. I was told to inform those companies that I had hired Morgan Drexen to negotiate the debt inform those companies of contact information 800-868-1581. Those credit card companies harassed me at work and in essence informed me that they do no business with Morgan Drexen because they are frauds. I was then introduced to the Federal Trade Commission website, which directed me to the Attorney Genreal which supported the claim of fraud. The then requested my money to be returned and I was told that a Renee will get back to me. Morgan Drexen representatives involved: Ginny Sanderson
  • I was contacted by a Desmond Adams who identified himself with Morgan Drexen stating that his company could consolidate my credit card debt, which I accrued while working on my masters degree. Mr. Adams indicated I would only have to pay 30%-40% of the debt after they negotiated with the banks in my name. We discussed a fee of monthly installments of approximately $545, which eventually cost $750 per month. They encouraged me to ignore any phone calls from my credit cards but I did direct any callers to the phone number they had provided me. I am not facing legal action from Bank of America and Mark Kruitbosch from Morgan Drexen has suggested that I ignore this, which I chose not to do. Mr. Kruitbosch can be contacted at Morgan Drexen Integrated Legal Systems, 18111 Von Kaman Ave, Suite 700, Irvine, CA 92612 800-872-2031 x 225. I explained to him that I had contacted this office and discovered they were not licensed in the State of Kansas. He attempted to explain they had a Lawrence Williamson attorney at 301 N. Main, Wichita, KS 316-261-5400 who represents them. I have contacted my bank and stopped any further automatic withdrawals from my personal account to this organization. Morgan Drexen representatives involved: Mark Kruitbosch, Desmond Adams.
  • Let me share my encounter with Morgan Drexen. After receiving endless daily automated pre-recorded phone calls from Airin Linguard advising me she had my ‘file’ and wanted to follow up on a previous conversation regarding debt relief and credit card consolidation with a ‘pre-approved’ $1,000 available. I had never talked with anyone about these matters at any time. Marking it short, turns out the phone number led to a ‘boiler room’ call center who had no idea who Airin Linguard was but promptly screened me as to my credit card debt. I was then advised a Franklin Lujan with Morgan Drexen would call me in 10 minutes to provide the information I was seeking. More than an hour latter Jennifer Rhomberg called identifying herself as a ‘paralegal’ with Morgan Drexen called. As a side note I called the Orange County Paralegal Association in the county anaheim is located to discover she is not a member and that anyone can call themselves a paralegal regardless of training or employment. Morgan Drexen representatives involved: Jenifer Rhomberg, Franklin Lujan, Airin Linguard.
  • Consumer used to work for Morgan Drexen debt settlement company. Consumer states that they would tell the client not to pay their bills and that they should not worry about their credit scores. Company would also tell them they would have the lawyers mail out forms but it was the agents that did it. Company would be told to take people off their mailing list and call list and they would not do it. Company would take money from client and tell them it would go into a trust fund. Consumer does not know what they did with the money after the fact. Company would tell consumer what to say on recordings before they recorded the agreement with the company.
  • Consumer was going to work with Morgan Drexen debt consolidation. Consumer cancelled twice with this company. Morgan Drexen debt consolidation was to take payments out of his account. Morgan Drexen debt consolidation started taking his money out of his via Williams Law Firm. Morgan Drexen debt consolidation said he talked to a representative that said it was his fault that the cancellation did not got through. Now Morgan Drexen debt consolidation will not even talk to consumer. Morgan Drexen says they do not see a date that consumer cancelled.
  • Consumer is filing a complaint against Morgan Drexen, a third party debt collector. Consumer states that he made payments to Morgan Drexen but nothing has been paid to the original creditor. Consumer will contact his New Jersey consumer protection agency.
  • I was lead to believe that my credit card debts would be negotiated at about 50% settlement and my debts have gotten worse due to prolonged no payments, late charges, and last fees on my credit cards. As a result of so called Morgan Drexen did not inform me that they have not negotiated anything with any debts of mine. And will not for 12 more months. This cost me much more in fees and added to make my credit becoming more past due as I trusted that they stopped all payments and ongoing fees and charges on my credit cards. Had I known this I would of paid on my debts instead of paying Morgan Drexen for nothing. Very upsetting and on my credit file now. I want to get out of their Morgan Drexen as I now know that they only let your bills add up and at last collect 25% plus monthly dues to them for years/ I hope to let people known not to get into this trap. They even state that they are not here to help the consumer but to help you get cheap lawyer advice. Morgan Drexen representatives involved: Shana Wein
  • Morgan Drexen called the house, my husband was laid off for six months. We used our credit cards to survive. When they called I thought this was a good way to not file bankruptcy. When our mortgage lender called to lower our mortgage he said our credit was destroyed so now we can’t save money on the house. I have called Morgan Drexen several times, never once could I get ahold of this Demetria Mabry. I also called and talked to Curt Reynolds, the person who called in the first place after being hung up on two times they told me he is only to contact people after that he doesn’t take calls. I am so afraid because now they have my identity. I stopped payment out of my bank account so I’m just afraid of what their going to do now? I am writing a letter to all my creditors and apologize for the stupid mistake I made. Morgan Drexen representatives involved: Curt Reynolds, Demetria Marby.
  • Caller is a friend. Consumer is calling to report Morgan Drexen Integrated Legal Systems who called her and they were going to consolidate all her bills all she was to pay was $100 at front and for 24 months she was going to pay $455. Consumer states that they never did anything for her. Morgan Drexen representatives involved: Matt Lichtenberger.
  • First few times tried to be removed by pressing ‘2’. Next few times waited to speak to someone and asked several times to be removed from their call list. usually got disconnected quickly. Final time, played along and pretended to need their services to get to the real rep (first two people are screeners). She called my back. I asked what company she was calling from. She said Morgan Drexen. I then explained how I really just wanted to be removed from their call list. She said I should be now. We’ll see. Morgan Drexen representatives involved: Diana Underhill.
  • Morgan Drexen uses a phone service called Northside services (multiple complaints about this company online) to setup ‘appointments’ about how one can reduce ones debt. They have called me two to three times per day, every day for many months now. If you ask to have your number removed they hang up on you. If you ask the company name they hang up. I finally okayed an appointment ad was called by Shanaz Siddig from Morgan Drexen and when I asked Ms. Siddig to remove my name she too hung up on me. I repeatedly called Morgan Drexen to have my phone number removed and was hung up on each time. This is a scam and a fraud and they should not be allowed to subject us to this harassment and abuse. Morgan Drexen representatives involved: Shanaz Siddig.
  • Consumer setup a payment arrangement with Morgan Drexen to pay off his $1,200 debt. He made a $100 direct payment that was to be returned if he decided to cancel the agreement. Consumer was told that if he pursued the initial $100 any further then they’d request that he pay the full amount of his debts. Consumer found out the company did not contact his creditors and he wants to know what he can do to dispute.
  • Consumer received a call from a suspect claiming to help consumer to get out of debt in 18 months if consumer sends $262 and they would pay her creditors. Consumer gave suspect the amount she owes. Concumer gave suspects her SSN. Morgan Drexen representatives involved: Vanessa Gay.
  • Harassing and offensive recorded telemarketing calls directing me to call Morgan Drexen to reduce my debt. When I called and ask for my name to be removed from their list I was told “fuck you.” Morgan Drexen representatives involved: Cesar Acosta
  • Consumer states Morgan Drexen is a debt consolidation company who is now harassing her. Consumer has notified Morgan Drexen to cease calling. Consumer is on SSI and does not have a contract with Morgan Drexen. Morgan Drexen representatives involved: Alex Ash.

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