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“Dear Steve,

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I am being sued for a $700 personal loan from my ex-husband’s stepfather from May of 2005. I do not remember borrowing the money, but have found bank records that I did indeed borrow the money and also paid back $100 of it in October of 2005. He had never attempted to contact me regarding repayment prior to the filing of the complaint. Everything I’ve read says that the Statute of Limitations for the state I live in is 3 years. Should I go to court, send a letter to the court showing the debt has exceeded the Statute of Limitations, consult an attorney or all of the above?

Thank you,


Dear Jennifer,

Call me old fashioned but why don’t you just pay the loan? You seem to admit that you did borrow the money and have not bothered to pay it back.

Why not just contact the guy and work out a payment arrangement you can meet? Think about it this way, if you had paid $12 a month each month since you took the loan out the debt would have been paid in full by now.

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