Is Litigation Practice Group for Real?


Dear Steve,

Is the Litigation Practice Group for real? They have me in a debt verification program. This company tried to dispute my debt with discover. And the creditor came back saying the debt was valid.

So I’m paying them $385 a month. That will be $9,200 for two years. I think the company is a scam? Can I break my contract with them? I want out of this program.



Dear Kathy,

There sure is a lot to deal with here.

Litigation Practice Group is Real

I’m not sure what “real” means. Does Litigation Practice Group exist; yes.

The Litigation Practice Group PC is a registered company in the State of California.

Daniel March is the registered President and Secretary of the company.

The company says it is located at 17542 E 17th Street, Suite 100, Tustin, CA 92780.

Since I don’t know what state you live in, I don’t know if they are registered to do business where you live.

Here are some free guides you can use to check them out yourself.

  1. The Ultimate Consumer Guide to Checking Out a Debt Relief Company Before You Sign On the Line
  2. 10 Must Do Steps to Find the Best Counseling or Settlement Company for You
  3. How to Check Out a Business or Company to Avoid Getting Scammed or Ripped Off

Is the Company a Scam?

I always hate this question because the word “scam” is just as undefined for an individual as the word “real.”

It sounds like you signed a client agreement with them for debt validation services. As part of that agreement, you obligated yourself to pay a fee.

The important underlying questions are:

  1. Is the company providing the services you agreed to in the client agreement you signed?
  2. Did the company promise you specific results in the client agreement you entered into?
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How Can I Cancel With Litigation Practice Group?

I strongly advise people first to attempt to resolve any unhappiness or disputes directly with any company. I wrote a guide to help consumers and companies attempt to resolve their issues. See this guidance.

If you feel Litigation Practice Group is not living up to what they promised and you agreed to, then that same guide gives you an orderly process to escalate the issue.

Typically, client agreements with debt relief companies contain a process to cancel.

But Isn’t the Unhappiness About Debt Validation?

It sounds as if your core unhappiness with Litigation Practice Group is that the debt validation strategy is not working out for you.

My personal opinion is debt validation is not an effective strategy to eliminate all debts. And the percentage of success that Litigation Practice Group or any company has had in eliminating all debts for clients is a question you should ask.

I’ve seen no consumer I can think of that has eliminated all debts using a debt validation strategy. What was the percentage of success Litigation Practice Group gave you from their actual client results?

My experience has shown that consumer bankruptcy is the fastest way to resolve bad debts. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy takes about 120 days and costs $2,000 or less to file. In addition, all of the included debts that can be legally eliminated are discharged tax-free.

Please Let Me Know What Happens

After you follow the advice above, please come back and comment about how the Litigation Practice Group handled your complaint. If they deal with it and you can have a happy outcome, I’d like to praise them for that.


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  1. I’m supposed to start my payments on may 5 I’m homeless and sleeping in my car I really don’t have 252 to pay them my credit score is 583 and It is really student loans is bankruptcy my best option I’m just trying to get a place to live help

    • You should absolutely talk to a local bankruptcy attorney licensed to practice law in your state. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy will eliminate your debt in about 90 days. The issues surrounding student loans in bankruptcy are technical so talk it over with your free consultation with the attorney.

  2. Daniel March was suspended from practicing law by the CA bar a little over a decade ago. Looks like he’s on track for that to happen again


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