Where Can I Find a Forensic Auditor to Help Me With a Mortgage Situation. – Elena

“Dear Steve,

My uncle refinanced his home $260K to help his son, the loan has fraud written all over it. My uncle’s age 70 was given a 30 year loan, his wife’s name was taken off the deed with no consideration to facilitate the loan, they used an appraiser outside the area, used a false address as his living address and charged him $8K loan origination fee just to name a few items.

I’ve been researching this forensic audit, however, there are a lot of scams out their, how can I locate an honest and legitimate “forensic auditor”? Should we contact a mortgage attorney first? I apologize for the question, but I trust your knowldge and references. This is really blowing up big and there are many former mortgage brokers and real estate agents scamming desparate individuals


Dear Elena,

Thanks for the confidence in me to ask for help.

I’d like for you to start with a local real estate attorney first. You can find one online using services like Lawyers.com.

The real estate attorney will have trusted resources for an investigation but first we need to get past the legal issues surrounding the transaction and the real estate attorney will be able to help you immensely with this.


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