I Paid My Bank Twice But They Say They Only Got One Payment


Dear Steve,

I initiated two equal payments to my credit card account by computer a week apart. One was posted to that account one was not.

My bank faxed the credit card bank the transmission statements, which showed the payments to them.

My bank can’t do much more than that for me.

The credit card bank only acknowledges one payment, not both of them.

I faxed the credit card bank five times; as far as they are concerned, I owe them that payment regardless that my bank provided a transmittal report.

Besides paying twice, what does anyone do in my situation?



Dear Charles,

Well, that sucks—what a pain in the ass. The worst thing to do would be to give up and say it is someone else’s problem. It’s not. It’s yours to solve.

There is a solution here.

I’m assuming your bank account is showing two deductions for the payment. If not, they never took the money from your account to transmit.

What we don’t know for a fact is which side of this transaction the error is on. So, just because your bank has a piece of paper that says they deducted and sent it, we don’t know if there was an error on the transaction and it did not transmit to the correct account.

If it were me, I’d initiate payments from the account screen on the credit card side. Then, a transaction there would show it was paid instead of waiting for an initiated payment to be transmitted correctly.

I’d also make the required payment and work to resolve the problem.

It sounds like you’ve done all you can with the bank and the credit card company. The good news is you have some documentation on hand. That documentation will be a big help when you take the next step.

You should file a complaint with the Commissioner of Banks in your State. You can find them with a search. Look for the process to submit a complaint.

A complaint received by the State Banking Commissioner will get more attention than the situation you are in now.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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