Certified Benefits Statement Debt Relief Mailer – Bin It

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If a mailer that looks like this winds up in your mailbox, throw it away. You do not need to keep a copy for your records, as the advertisement says.

Certified Benefits Statement Debt Relief Mailer

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The fine print of the mailer gives you critical information. It says, “Consumer may be referred to a Non-Profit or For-Profit Debt Relief Agency upon detailed analysis of current financial state.”

That sure reads like this is an advertisement from a lead generator and you are going to be screened first and then sold as a lead to some random company.

But don’t think the mailer contains anything you can rely on. For example, the fine print says, “Any financial information contained herein is for example purposes only and does not reflect any actual debt you may or may not owe.”

The most prominent BS line in that same fine print has to be, “This offer is not associated with bankruptcy, debt consolidation loan; it has been specifically designed to assist consumers with financial education, consumer benefits, reducing interest rates and payments on outstanding credit card debt, and reducing total monthly obligations.” They left out any mention of selling you some stuff that might not be smart for you.

I’ll give the senders this credit. It can be used for financial education because, in my opinion, this type of debt relief mailer you should avoid.

The sales pitch in the mailer sounds like a debt settlement program in the features stated. Interestingly, the mailer says your credit is restored by avoiding bankruptcy, but it does not mention the adverse credit you will have for seven years if you settle your debt. It doesn’t even mention the tax consequences of settling.

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So there is your lesson for the day. I think this is garbage, and that’s a teachable moment.

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