Why Do You Recommend Damon Day as a Debt Advisor?


Dear Steve,

I am deeply in debt and need advice about my best option.

Do you recommend Damon Day as a debt advisor?



Dear Leonora,

Do You Have a Question You'd Like Help With? Contact Debt Coach Damon Day. Click here to reach Damon.

Damon is one of the few exceptional people I know who offer special assistance to people struggling with debt problems.

The short answer is I do recommend Damon Day to people for many reasons:

  • Damon is kind and a joy to talk with. He’s not judgmental and is a good listener.
  • I’ve worked closely with him for many years, and I feel like I’ve mentored him and shared my unique perspective on dealing with debt. I feel when I’m long gone, Damon will carry forward a bit of my unique approach to dealing with debt. He’s a great teacher for his clients but also a reflective student of mine.
  • Damon still does telephone consultations and creates unique plans for his clients that treat everyone as individuals. I don’t do those anymore.
  • Because Damon treats every client situation individually, he applies a unique combination of solutions to help people get the outcome they seek and are willing to employ. Often the right plan of action is a little of this and a little of that rather than a simple one-size-fits-all solution that most debt relief companies want to push on you.
  • He does not push people to do anything they are not comfortable with and spends a lot of time educating people that turn to him for assistance. He works hard to help people be informed to make good choices on how to proceed.
  • I also talk to Damon daily, and we often discuss ideas and strategies for particular situations.

But maybe you don’t feel Damon is the right person for you. Another person I recommend is Michael Bovee.

Ultimately, the person you should lean on for help is someone that is not trying to sell you something, you can talk to comfortably, and is willing to help educate you and lead you to a comprehensive solution for your circumstances.

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Part of the education process is something I talk about in the podcast below. People have all sorts of assumptions and beliefs about dealing with their debt. However, many of those assumptions are just not accurate or factual. Damon is very good at helping people understand the difference between assumptions and reality.

Don’t believe everything you think about dealing with debt. Instead, get sage advice from a trusted person.

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