Who Do You Recommend as a Financial Consultant for Debt Issues?

Question: Dear Steve, I have a Parent Plus loan w/ a $500/mo regular payments, not income-driven or whatever. I have about $2800 in credit card debt. I think I’m putting approximately only $300-400/mo into retirement savings which started at nothing three years ago. I want to increase that amount, of course. I was unexpectedly laid … Read more

FinCon 2018 Helps to Reinforce Good Advice is Personal

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the personal finance write conference, FinCon. The meeting was held in a very hot and muggy Orlando. Nearly 2,000 writers showed up for a whole bunch of sessions and presentations. I left the conference with a few observations and realizations. The first is there are a lot … Read more

Consumer Disclosures in Debt Relief

When a person is struggling with debt and looking for outside help from a company or person, they should certainly have risks and rewards disclosed to them. Ideally, the disclosures would help a person to best evaluate which direction to take for help, and who to trust. A recent article by Elisabeth Rosenthal in the … Read more

Should I Sign With Fast Track Debt Relief? – Mary

“Dear Damon, I am ready to meet with a person on Monday to sign a paper for Fasttrackdebtrelief program. I was researching it..I am scared now.I don’t trust it. I saw your name in reviews about Fast Track.I need advise~~It is Saturday I am overwhelmed with a large amount of debt..I am struggling to pay … Read more

I Was Just About to Sign a Debt Settlement Contract With Lloyd Ward & Associates. – Paula

“Dear Steve, Just found your site in the nick of time as I was about to sign a debt settlement contract with Lloyd Ward and Associates. My husband and I are self employed and our businesses had a hard time since 2005, but then bit the dust in 2009. We went from staying current with … Read more