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How To Get Out Of Debt

Which Debt Relief Service is Not a Scam?

Curious Question

Question: Dear Steve, I have between $15-20,000 in credit card debt. Creditors are NOT harassing me, as I make my payments, but many are minimum. My credit score is in the high 600’s, which isn’t terrible, but could be better. I would love to get out from under the debt. I get MANY letters about reducing my debt, but never ... Read More »

    Avid Reader Needs Loan Help. Or Does He?


    Question: Dear Steve, I’m an avid faithful reader of your newsletter. Ok…….HELP !!!!!!! I am about $40,000 in debt. All I “think” I need is one ” loan” one “payment”. Problem , I can’t get just one loan when asking for an amount to cover this debt. Any suggestions , advice? In the past , I had an account with ... Read More »

      Did I Just Get Cheated by the Debt Relief Company?


      Question: Dear Steve, I recently canceled my services with a well known debt relief company. I signed up with them because I thought that it would be safe to do so and I was told by the guy who had charmed me into signing up with them that I would receive a full refund. I then agreed to the stated ... Read More »

        My Overtime Hours Were Cut and I’m in Big Debt

        the truth smaller

        Question: Dear Steve, Everything was going great last year; I had just bought a nicer car and started making modifications to it when my work place suddenly dropped out hours from 58+ to less than 32. I drained all my savings and maxed my credit card to stay caught up on my bills. Now things have picked up enough at ... Read More »

          How Can We Really Get Out of Debt?

          No problem

          Question: What is the Secret to Getting Out of Debt? Dear Steve, My husband and I have been limping along just breaking even for sometime now just trying to dig ourselves out of debt and save money. We’ve cut everything back to the minimum and have to constantly tell our kids to do without. I can’t even afford for them ... Read More »

            Why Do I Feel Guilty Using My Credit Cards to Survive?

            Senior couple at home focusing on angry man

            “Dear Steve, In 2008 I was a building contractor in Florida and had all my money invested in Real Estate. With the money I had I keep paying until I just ran out of money. I now live in South America and depend on my credit cards to survive. I rent out my house but is not enough to keep ... Read More »

              I’m So Afraid of My Debt. – Jes


              “Dear Steve, I really need your advice, I just came from your website and just reading about debt makes me sick to my stomach. I am in debt with credit cards about 15,000. I had great credit before hand hence why I could get the cards at a young age ( at 20/21) but now I got returned payments and ... Read More »

                The Bible Says We Should Owe Nothing. We Pray and Cry About Our Debt All the Time. – Heather

                make better choices

                “Dear Steve, Me and my husband have about 10 credit cards they are in collections we have 2 that are current and the car is current we need help I can only find part time work and my husband only has a part time job he goes to college to get a better job to support us his 4 year ... Read More »

                  Should I Pay Off My House or My Student Loans First? – Kem


                  “Dear Steve, I am finally in a place in my life where I am earning enough money to pay my bills and have a little left over. After buckling down and sacrificing (and selling) a lot, the only debt I have left, besides my mortgage, is my student loan which stands at a little over $100k at about 5% interest. ... Read More »

                    How Should I Spend My Windfall? – Marie


                    “Dear Steve, No car payments, less than $8,000 in credit card debt and only one mortgage (at 6.5% interest rate). I will be receiving a lump sum of money at the end of July or first part of August in the sum of over $75,000. First car runs great and is 2009 model, second car is a 2000 model and ... Read More »

                      I Am Self-Employed, Show Very Little Taxable Income and Have $130,000 in Credit Card Debt. – Ian

                      old man headache

                      “Dear Damon, Self employed for 13+ years 55 years old Like so many self employed people the recession has been rough, add to that medical bills, and it’s easy to get caught in credit card debt. I currently have $130k in credit card debt with an average interest rate of 16%. I am making the payments, usually double the minimum ... Read More »

                        Why Can’t I Just Ignore My Creditors Instead of Filing Bankruptcy? – Troy


                        “Dear Steve, I have 2 unsecured personal credit cards I used almost 100% for a business that went under (so I am not subject to means testing). Each one is a little under $25K. I have spoken to a BK attorney. The problem is, the only thing in my name alone is one of a cars. It’s free and clear ... Read More »

                          Are Any of These Companies Legit for Me to Work With to Eliminate My Debt? – Bonnie

                          everything at once

                          “Dear Steve, I have several payday loans and four credit cards. have been talking to AmOne, ScoreSense, Pay Day Loan Debt Assistance, and Consolidated Credit Counseling Services. The constant phone calls from all of them are driving me crazy. I can’t decide whether any of them are legit and will be able to help me or if I should just ... Read More »

                            Should I Use Credit Counseling, Do It On My Own, or File Bankruptcy? – Carol

                            Financing a budget

                            “Dear Steve, I currently have $34,411 in credit card debt, with most cards being close to the limit. In addition, I have $23,422 in an auto loan. My gross pay per month is $5772 and my net pay per month is $3259. My living expenses (including rent and car payment) are about $2300 a month. My monthly payments for my ... Read More »

                              We’ve Struggled to Pay Off What We Can. – Maggie


                              “Dear Steve, In 2009 my fiance and I had an income of approximately $60,000. We lived more than comfortably. Over the course of the next two years however, we had a sick baby whom I chose to stay home and care for, he lost his job, had to surrender one of our two new cars, defaulted on personal loans, credit ... Read More »

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