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I’m Worried About Cambridge Credit Counseling. – Jon

“Dear Steve,

I’ve been reading your articles now for a couple of weeks and I’m seeking advice about DMP’s. I contacted Cambridge Credit Counseling Service and told the counseler about my situation and CCCS came up with a DMP that I am now considering.

My concern has to do with the numerous complaints about Cambridge that are found on the website. I’m not sure how legitimate these complaints are but there seem to what I would consider an excessive amount. I’ve read about their past issues and how those have been resolved. The BBB shows 1 complaint that was resolved.

I’m becoming somewhat skeptical about Cambridge and other sompanies but you seem to recommend them so I’m wondering if my concerns are legitimate?



Dear Jon,

You have every right to be totally confused about Cambridge Credit Counseling. Cambridge was started by a couple of guys, John Puccio and Richard Puccio. These guys had friends like Andris Pukke and all of them landed in massive trouble. As one person said to me, “They were all grifters.”

But Cambridge Credit Counseling, with legal intervention, dumped the Puccio’s and worked hard to clean things up. I think they’ve had more scrutiny by regulators and states to make things right, probably more than any other organization. And they responded aggressively to complaints that arose as a result of the actions of the Puccio boys.

The current people running the group seem to take all issues concerning consumers very seriously and the compliance monitor for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts felt that way as well. Click here to read the report.

If you have any issue when working with Cambridge, I would be grateful if you would bring it to my attention so I can investigate it.

Bottom line, never work with anyone you are not comfortable with. Exercise the same care finding a credit counseling group to work with as you would a doctor or dentist.

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Debt management plans are not a perfect solution to get out of debt. If you are considering a DMP then I would suggest you speak with a local bankruptcy attorney as well. After reviewing both solutions you can then make a better and more informed decision.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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  • Dear Steve,

    I just want to comment on Cambridge after just over 1 year on their program and we’re very pleased. Their customer service has been excellent and they’ve answered all our questions promptly and offered suggestions concerning our debt. They’ve done periodical followups to make sure we’re on track and to offer suggestions. Their website Goodpayer offers some excellent financial education articles that we find most helpful.

    The best part is the progress that has been made on our debt. After 1 year we’ve decreased our debt by about 25%. It’s such a relief to actually see the CC debt decrease!

    I’d highly recommend Cambridge to anyone seeking help for their debt.



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