ChristBilt Builder Arrested For Stealing Money and Running a Scam

I am never surprised by the amount of fraud that is perpetrated using religion and christianity and as foundation for the scam. I wonder how many people thought they could easily trust a company with Christ in the name?

Out of Atlanta, Charles Laboone, seen getting a free ride in a police car, was arrested for taking money from people for their ChristBuilt structure but never delivering a thing.


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39 thoughts on “ChristBilt Builder Arrested For Stealing Money and Running a Scam”

  1. Charles LaBoone died of a drug overdose 3//3/2012.

    He had the papers for a plea agreement he had made with the DA of Paulding GA that he was to sign and return that would have repaid most of the money back that had been established had been stolen in his metal building scam. But died before signing them.

    Ashley LaBoone divorced Charles to protect assets now going by the name of Ashley Waggoner. But by no means is she innocent. She managed to enjoy the money till it ran out and not have to pay for the crime. However Ashley what goes around comes around my dear.

  2. Charles Anthony LaBoone’s father is a registered sex offender incarcerated in VA for rape, sodomy, and production of child pornography. He’s been locked up since 1990 and is set for release in 2014.
    Google Charles Anthony LaBoone and search further down on the next few pages and you will see a listing for incarcerated sex offenders.


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