Geek Squad Scam Email – Beware

I just received an email claiming to be from Geek Squad. The first reaction nearly everyone will have to an email like this is bewilderment.

Geek Squad Scam Email

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My heart also jumped a beat, and I’m used to fielding scams for others.

But that panic only lasted a second. Once I looked at who sent the email to confirm it was from Best Buy or the Geek Squad, I knew this was a scam.

Geek Squad Scam Email – Beware

Two things to look for here. First, this was sent from some random Gmail address. That is not Best Buy. The second clue is I was a blind carbon copy recipient, and the email was not sent to me directly.

Another clue in the message was it talked about debiting my account. Since I never used debit cards for security protection and I never subscribed to anything using my bank account directly, that confirmed this is a scam message to beware of.

This is an excellent time to remind everyone that you should NEVER use a debit card if you want to protect your bank account. Read Credit Card or Debit Card: The Great Debate. It’s Not Even Close.

The goal of the email appears to be to get you to call the telephone number 800-892-2973.

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