Really Concerned I Made a Mistake by Choosing the Achievable! – Tammy

“Dear Steve,

I stumbled across questions re: The Achievable and now I am totally confused. We have been participating in their program for almost 2 years. And to my knowledge our three creditors have been receiving their payment.

I guess my questions is: am I putting to much trust in the Achievable. Am I getting screwed by paying a $50 monthly fee to a law firm that was able to lower our interest rates and payments to a more managable amount? I don’t like that monthly fee, but according to our monthly statements from our creditors, payments are being made as agreed. Is this actually a company that cannot be trusted? If so, how do I get out of this mess and still keep my month payments at a reasonable amount without risking messing up my credit score? Really concerned I made a mistake by choosing the Achievable!


Dear Tammy,

It sounds like you are actually in a debt management program with The Achievable. Your monthly fee seems pretty steep and have they been able to lower your interest rates at all?

If you are concerned, worried, or want to check out your options, click here for credit counseling information in order to compare what may be available.


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  1. We been with the Achievable for 4 years, they started screwing up this last year, they just took 475  out of my account and now i can’t reach them by phone 800-665-9313 and their website is down. What can I do now?


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