I Have 4 Years Left on My Car Loan And I’ve Got Problems With My Car. – Ketra

“Dear Steve,

Upside loan – undiagnosable issue with car – remaining 4 years to pay off 17k

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I purchased my 2005 Jetta in 2007. As of now, I had no major issues. Recently it began making a large grumbling noise. I first took it to a specialist, and then was recommended to take it to a dealership service shop. The issue is still undiagnosable. Now, the dealer is making repairs they “think” is the problem, while the balance continues to increase. I cannot afford to pay the car note and the increasingly high repair costs to diagnose an issue they do not know or never saw. I am considering letting the creditor take the vehicle back but I want to know can they garnish my wages to collect payment? I live in GA.

Thank you,


Dear Ketra,

If you hand the car back it will be sold at auction and you should expect to be left with a bill owing on that care of as much as $14,000. The lender could sue you for the balance due and that could lead to a wage garnishment.

If this grumbling is due to an issue with the powertrain then VW has a 5 year / 60,000 mile warranty which should still cover you. If you feel you are not being properly taken care of by the VW dealer then call 1-800-822-8987 or click here and ask for corporate help and guidance to remedy this situation.

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  1. Thank you for the advice. I am outside the power train warranty by 8k. My husband contacted VW, and so has the dealership on my behalf, and they have not assisted whatsoever. We have decided to make double payments to at least the value of the car (Blue Book) and trade it in then. This is the foreseeable way.

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