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“Dear Steve,

I started a debt solution program with Allegro law, a year ago. to this date I have paid them over three thousand dollars. My creditors (Citibank) have filed suit for $13,000.00 and we have a court date for 3/5/10 with their attorneies an a judge. After reading your articles on Allegro law today, I understand the situation and now after a year of making payments to Allegro law I am looking for solutions without having my wiffes paycheck attached.

I have been caught up in the Allegro Law debt settlement scam and I am trying to get help before filimg banktrupcy.What do you know about Christian Debt Cosolidators programs. My creditor has allready filed suit against me. Can they help me or is banktruptcy the only solution.”

My opinion is that you keep running to alternative solutions that promise you the world instead of dealing with the underlying issue that you are in debt trouble and need help to put a realistic and reasonable solution in place. Rather than keep wishing for a magic wand, click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney to talk to about your specific situation.

As a result of your email I did write a review of Christian Debt Consolidators.

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