Credit Card Interest Rates by Credit Score, Type of Card and Issuer

The most recent statistics on credit cards sorted by interest rates, types of cards, issuer, and credit score.

By Type of Card

By Issuer

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5 thoughts on “Credit Card Interest Rates by Credit Score, Type of Card and Issuer”

  1. Steve, please explain to me how to read your rates by credit score because I see that the worse type (No Credit) gets the best interest. I am missing something!

  2. I totally agree on that! Simple credit cards have the lowest interest rate and that will make you not lost in your budget.

  3. Let me give you the best tip when looking for a credit card. Do not go for those fancy credit cards that offer
    cash backs, rewards, miles, or etc.

    Look for simple credit cards that have the lowest interest rate. Same thing applies to debit cards. Look for those that offer nothing and have no fees.


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