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Debt Relief Bureau Logo But Not the Debt Relief Bureau in This Mailer

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When if the Debt Relief Bureau, not the Debt Relief Bureau? When you get a flyer in the mail from an anonymous source promising you help to get out of debt. An amazing reader Tish sent in a new debt relief mailer through my I Buy Junk Mail program. Well here is another anonymous mailer sent to a consumer that ... Read More »

I Was Laid Off, My Husband is Still Out of Work, Can’t Afford to Pay Discover. – Kari

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I was laid off over 2 months ago, my husband 7 years ago and still out of work. I have a Discover loan in the amount of 23,000 interest rate 10% payment 479 per month. I called to see if they have a hardship program and all they did was tell me to turn down my air conditioning unit to ... Read More »

Noteworld Could Not Settle My Discover Account and I Now Think It’s Expired Under the Statute of Limitations. – Mary

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“Dear Steve, I was with Note World Settlement for a long time. After them not being able to settle with Discover after 7 year. They told me Discover could NOT do anything to me any more (staute of limiation law) I live in WI. Now I got a bill from Discover for the full amount do now!! what do I ... Read More »

Discover Credit Card Account Charged Off. What Now? – Greg

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I have $13,000 worth of credit card debt that has been charged off. The account is still being held by the Discover Card. They haven’t sold it off…..yet. I also have another account with Discover, but I am up to date on it and have never been late.. I also have a Chase CC that was nearing charge off status, ... Read More »

Discover Card Delinquencies Hit Record Low

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Discover Financial Services (DFS) said the proportion of its customers who are a month late on their credit card payments hit an all-time low during its second quarter, helping more than double the card company’s profit. The record low in credit-card delinquency rates, which the company said covers a 25-year period, highlights the sharp turnaround in the ability of Discover’s ... Read More »

I’m Trying to Pay of My Balance Transfer on My Discover Card But Not Making Much Progress. – Stacey

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“Dear Steve, I am $9000 in debt on Discover. 1/2 of the balance is at 13% and the other half is at 0% for 1 year. The problem is how they disburse the pymts. The min pymt of $200 goes to the 0% balance. Then i need to pay any interest charges and anything extra then goes to the 13% ... Read More »

Discover Sued Me. I’m Freaking Out. – Kimberly

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“Dear Steve, I was served a summons from Legal Recovery Law Offices, Inc. which is representing Discover. I spoke with Discover and they still own the debt. They turned my account over to collections with NCO. NCO is having LRLO, Inc. act as the lawyer for Discover. The last time I paid them was September 09 according to my bank ... Read More »

I Was Able to Negotiate a Debt Settlement With Discover I Can’t Afford. – Frances

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“Dear Steve, I have credit card debt with Discover. I tried to negotiate with them. Debt is $5k due to interest rate and late payment. I would like to settle, but I cannot afford to pay a lump sum of $3600. This is a huge learning lesson. I was told I cannot file for bankruptcy. I asked the cc company ... Read More »

Should I Contact Discover and Get Them to Let Me Pay 75% of My Balance? – Adam

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“Dear Steve, I have about 4,000 dollars of VISA debt and about 11,000 dollars Discover card debt. I also have considerable student loans. I recently came into some money and wanted to pay off all my credit debt – which I have barely enough money to do… anyway, I was thinking about asking Discovercard to reduce my total debt to ... Read More »

I Want Pay My Sam’s Club Credit Card But Can’t. – Cheylynne

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“Dear Steve, I have a Sam’s card and was paying on it until i lost my job and can’t pay on it.. plus had to go to the doctor for depression and medication. The credit card company calls and I explain it but they are nasty and I’m scared to what happens next. What can I do until i find ... Read More »

Credit Card Interest Rates by Credit Score, Type of Card and Issuer

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The most recent statistics on credit cards sorted by interest rates, types of cards, issuer, and credit score. By Type of Card By Issuer By Credit Score Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More Help? Read More »

I Am Attempting to Negotiate a Debt Settlement With Discover Card. – Evelyn

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Evelyn “Dear Steve, Got involved with a debt elimination progam and it didn’t work. Attorney Berman’s office is suppose to be the attorney for Discover. Berman’s office got a judgment against me and I took them back to court in April and had that overturned by the judge since the judgment wasn’t valid. Berman’s office turned around and started setting ... Read More »

How Can I Get My Discover Home Loan Rate Lowered? – Glen

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Glen “Dear Steve, Work in Construction and only working 25-35 hours a week, girlfriend left me who payed half of home loan, first mortgage is $1035 a month includes taxes and pmi, 30 year fixed at 5.9%. I am fine with that. Home equity loan by Discover Home Loans remains $23,600 and 13 1/2 years left on it. Fixed rate ... Read More »

Review of the Credit Offer “101 Reasons to get a Discover More Card!”

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In my attempt to help point out what to look for in credit offers and marketing material I wanted to review the recent offer from Discover. Sometimes the scans can be hard to read so this time I’m simply retyping the offer sent to millions and will comment about specifics of the message and terms. As usual I found that ... Read More »

Credit Card Companies Are Coming For You. Protect the Wife and Children.

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I see a new advertising campaign in our future. When Banks Panic You Lose Even though the Federal Reserve has lowered its rate to 1%, banks are raising your interest rates in hopes of making a bigger profit. Oh yes, they are raising your fees or charging news ones as well. At a time when the government is pleading for ... Read More »

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