How Can I Break Free From Just Doing Balance Transfers to Move My Credit Card Debt? – Kevin

Question: Dear Steve, I need direction and help! I have approximately $25,000 in credit card debt. I have been able to Balance Transfer to 0% for years in trying to consistently pay down the debt over time, but it is slow, grueling and when something comes up, I set myself back years of progress. I …

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Credit Card Interest Rates by Credit Score, Type of Card and Issuer

The most recent statistics on credit cards sorted by interest rates, types of cards, issuer, and credit score. By Type of Card By Issuer By Credit Score

So I Just Got a New Credit Card.

My move back to the U.S. from England recently, generated a bit of ‘international moving expenses’ for us. My favorite was the $1,100 unexpected surprise I got having to pay for extra storage and the radiation screening by homeland security of our shipping container with all our stuff in it. It felt a bit like …

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