Is the iPad a Debt Worth Having?

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad is great device for people to access their “stuff” in new ways without having to lug around a cumbersome laptop or tiny screen netbook. The functionality of the iPad simply adds to the features it brings to ambulation computational demands. But is it worth the price?

Not to tip my hat, I’d have to say “Hell yes”, for me that is. But I must add the disclaimer that my excitement over the iPad is that I already have a place for it in my life. Its functionality already provides me with a benefit and makes my life richer.

For me, the less attached I am to any one place the better my life is. As essentially a net author, access to the web from portable devices allows me to work from any location worldwide. Not needing to be tied to one physical location is an exceptional benefit to me and improves the quality of my life.

Sitting at my desk or swinging in the hammock by the creek, exceptional devices like the iPad allow me to accomplish my tasks at hand effortlessly. The first generations of smartphones, including the iPhone are too small for me to do more than quick and casual tasks. Laptops are too big to easily lug around. But the iPad format is just right for my needs.

To access the web from the iPad, AT&T came out with a prepaid data plan for 3G users to access the the outside world. Rather than lock the user into a contract for a period of time and charge the user an expensive cancellation fee, the AT&T plan allows users to pay for data access on a month-by-month basis. If you decide latter you don’t want to pay for data access, don’t.

Users that latter elect not to continue their data plan contract will still be able to use their iPad wirelessly from any wireless internet access point using the built-in WiFi capabilities.

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Ultimately the true value of the iPad comes from how much benefit the user gets out of it. For people that find a laptop or netbook either too large or too small, the screen on the iPad along with its easy mobility and functionality make it a well supported device for accessing email, music, documents, the web, photos, books and magazines.

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1 thought on “Is the iPad a Debt Worth Having?”

  1. No ‘gadgets’, not even an iPad should be bought on credit. It’s a great looking device. The $30/mo data is great if you have another phone plan. I am champing at the bit to get one, but it will be paid in full when the bill comes in and $17 rebate into the kid’s 529 account (2% on all purchases).
    I’ve grown convinced that financing anything but a house, education, and perhaps car is to be avoided.


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