How Can I Get My Money Back From Impact Debt Relief Debt Settlement Company. – Kristie

“Dear Steve,

I tried using one of these debut relief companies you spoke of called Impact Debut in San Diego (it appers they also go by Impact Debt Relief and a couple other names) but I was referred to this Impact Debut company by trying to do a loan modification and was outright lied to about the fees. I was told there would be a $75 fee and $25 a month to maintain and that it would be settled a.s.a.p. None of wich has happen or is going to happen. First they said they had to collect my 10% which ended up being 15% (I think can’t find all the statements) I was told on the phone when I made arrangements myself to settle the debut that they wouldn’t help and wanted us to stop speaking to our creditors they could do a better for us than we could do for our selves that was almost a year ago now and I have paid all the debut mysself with no help the wholetime they kept drawing on the account and I do have a balance in an account with them . What do you
think is the best way of getting it back? The debt I have contracted with them is payed off! I canceled there auto draw and just want back what i can get 🙁

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Dear Kristie,

Generally debt settlement companies collect the total fee due on all your debt from the initial payments. When you ask for a refund you should expect they will reject your offer. But all is not lost.

What I would suggest is the following process.

  1. Write a letter to Impact Debt Relief and make your case and ask for what you think is a fair refund. Send the letter by certified mail, return receipt requested. The card you get back will be proof of your mailing.
  2. If they do not refund your fees then send a second letter certified mail, return receipt requested and state that you would like to receive a refund or you will file a complaint with the BBB and the Attorney General in your state and the California Attorney General.
  3. If they still request your offer then file the complaints and notify them you have filed them.
  4. If the still are unwilling to refund some or all of your fees then consider filing a complaint and sue them in small claims court for the money.

They may not refund all of the fees you’ve paid if they can justify some work performed on your behalf.

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