The Debt Relief Company Took Our Money And We Had to File Bankruptcy Anyway. – Marti

“Dear Steve, My husband paid a debt relief company approximately $4200.00 over a period of 7 months. He paid around $600.00 a month. No debt was ever settled for him. He ended up filing for bankruptcy instead. We followed most of your steps for requesting his money back. The company has only agreed to pay … Read more

I Recently Signed With a Debt Settlement Company But I Settled My Own Debt With Chase. – Ron

“Dear Steve, 2 months ago I signed with a debt-settlement company to settle a $14,000 Chase credit card account. I recently found your web-site and your article from May 19, 2010 where you explain that Chase is no longer working with settlement companies. Of course no one from the settlement company advised me of this. … Read more

South Carolina Forcing Debt Settlement Companies to Refund Fees

South Carolina has had a tough stance on debt settlement companies, only permitting a $50 setup fee and $10 monthly. According to the news report below approximately 3,100 South Carolina residents have received refunds from debt settlement companies that charged fees illegally. Thanks kind tipster (send in your tips here) for pointing out this story … Read more

Financial Freedom of America Named in Senate Testimony Today

As part of the testimony of the Senate hearing today on Protecting Consumers from Deceptive Debt Settlement Schemes a consumer provided testimony that named Financial Freedom of America, a USOBA member. It appears the company may have since changed their name, the website now brings up Financial Freedom Processing. What Financial Freedom Tells Consumers … Read more

Debt Settlement President Says My Debt Settlement Refund Process is Like Dropping a Nuclear Bomb

Not that long ago I wrote an article about how to get a refund from a debt settlement program. I’ve already heard back from some readers that have used the process effectively but I wanted to ask a debt settlement company leader I know if he thought the process would be effective for consumers. I … Read more

How Can I Get My Money Back From Impact Debt Relief Debt Settlement Company. – Kristie

“Dear Steve, I tried using one of these debut relief companies you spoke of called Impact Debut in San Diego (it appers they also go by Impact Debt Relief and a couple other names) but I was referred to this Impact Debut company by trying to do a loan modification and was outright lied to … Read more

I Am Scared, Sad, and Confused About Staying in the Debt Settlement Program With Freedom Financial. – Sandra

“Dear Steve, I emailed you yesterday and was not very clear about my situation. I would like to start by saying I am scared,confused and feel like I made the wrong decision when I chose to go the debt settlemnt route-especially now with everything I am reading. At the end of December I contacted Freedom … Read more