Is It True That a Credit Card Company Does Not Have to Report on Your Credit Report If They Don’t Want To? – Andre

“Hi Steve,

I recently received a judgement and the same week my wages were garnised. When I called the company they informed me it was for a credit card, which I know nothing about or never opened. I got my credit reports and it was never reported. I was told the card was open in 1993 and payments stopped in 2003…Why am I now being served and why was it not reported and how can I stop my wages from being garnished? In addition, is it true that a credit card company don’t have to report on you credit report if they don’t want to?



Dear Andre,

There is nothing that requires a creditor to report any debt. Reporting to the credit bureaus is voluntary and this is why the three credit bureaus do not carry all the same information about a person. I always recommend that people get a three bureau consolidated credit report if they want to see the largest amount of information presented about them in credit reports.

They way debts usually get reported is that a creditor has a need to pull credit reports in their business. in exchange for a discount in the cost of those reports they agree to share information with the credit bureaus.

I’m a bit confused. In order to get the judgment you would have had to have been served and sued first. Are you saying you have no recollection of being sued over this debt? If not, you can contact a local attorney and hire them to attempt to reverse the suit.

If you never opened this card you may have been a victim of identity theft. Again, to get this fixed is going to take legal action on your part.

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