My Divorce Lawyer is Coming After Me for an Old Legal Bill. – Katy

“Dear Steve,

I signed a retainer for divorce attorney in 1995. Made many payments for 7 years until 2002. They also received thousands in fees from my ex-spouse.

Now out of the blue they are suing me for an outrageous sum (hollywood divorce level). It was a simple divorce, no custody and they have run up a sum of 52,000 to include interest and another 10 k for their legal needs because of my unpaid debt for a grand total of $62,000! It’s insane.

I probably owed them another 5K but just quit when bills seemed inexplicably coming and coming. Paid them over 20K. Again no custody!! Anyway, everyone advised that they were outside the statute, but they say the contract was under “seal” giving them 12 years. I had no knowledge of a seal, but anyway how does the statute on a “seal” run from date of contract (1995) without regard to my payments thru 2002, or twelve years from my last payment. It is now eight years. Can they do this to me? I am in Maryland

How does a statute of limitations run on a “sealed” attorney’s retainer in MD. From date execution of contract or from last payment (retainer) to the lawyer?


Dear Katy,

You need specific legal advice from a Maryland licensed attorney about your specific situation.

It certainly does not sound fair but that doesn’t make it illegal. Get a legal defender now and it will probably save you a lot in the long run on this.

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