Should I Use a Student Loan to Pay Off Debt? – Nicole

“Dear Steve,

I moved to California in order to finish college two years ago. I racked up some credit debt on the trip and in the first few months while getting established here. (around $6,000). I have not been able to make any headway on the credit debt because of the high interest rates (29%) which was the default rate after the low rate expired. I also, have a car loan and 2 student loans that are deferred (student loan debt is $2,000 on a perkins loan, and $4,000 on a stafford)

I am ready to transfer into a california university this fall and have been accepted with the requirement that I take another course. It is very demanding and I have to take it in a shortened session. I will have to reduce my hours at work. Should I take out a student loan to pay my bills? How do I continue to manage my bills when I go to the university? I know I will not be able to work full time.

I was thinking about a dmp, but I am worried that would affect my ability to get student loans. Plopping all of my credit debt onto student loans scares me. I know I will have to take student loans out, but I want to manage them wisely and not be stuck with a balooned amount of student loan debt.

What would actions would you recommend in order to manage my bills and finish college?

Thank you,


Dear Nicole,

It would be better to saw a leg off than put unsecured credit card debt onto a student loan.

I’m not convinced that a debt management plan would be the best choice since a DMP may reduce your interest rate but the monthly payment will stay about the same. But it never hurts to talk to a good agency and get their feedback on your situation. Click here for credit counseling information.

Is your concern with just the credit card debt or managing all of your required payments during this period? Please post a comment here and clarify that for me.

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Please update me on your progress by Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

5 thoughts on “Should I Use a Student Loan to Pay Off Debt? – Nicole”

  1. I thinks paying for your studies with loan can be difficult at later situation. Better to pay you student fees without loan, and can submit in instalments.
    Thanks for sharing the resourceful information about students education.

  2. My main concern is finishing this semester and doing well in my classes. Therefore, paying my bills during this time period is the most important thing on my mind right now.

    • By using the student loan to pay your bills you are converting those bills to long term debt that can never be discharged with bankruptcy and since you are getting a student loan disbursement I am assuming it is a Sallie Mae or private loan and those are the worst loans to have. They have zero options available in repayment if you find yourself in trouble in the future.



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