Can You Give Me the Name of a Reputable Company to Talk to About Credit Counseling? – Chris

“Dear Steve,

Business Owner for 30 years used credit card debt etc to work through downturn. It has failed but I am on to something new in a new entity. I am in process of selling misc assets to weather storm

15 years ago I used Myvesta to consolidate. I need a recommendation of a company to help me out. I and wife have about 150K in CC debt. (Business) I do not believe in bankruptcy, but will work through this somehow. I am just now beginning to get behind and it is affecting my family. Also I am 30 late on my home. I want to stay here and in home. Do you have a REPUTABLE company that could assist me in getting back on top of my finances. I do not have money to pay up front.


Dear Chris,

Well, welcome back I guess. I’m glad Myvesta was able to help you fifteen years ago and sorry to see you’ve run into tough times again.

What I’m unclear about is if you are able to afford the minimum payments on the credit cards. If you are then a credit counseling solution may work for you. Click here for credit counseling information and the company I suggest. Modern credit counseling is not like it was 15 years ago when creditors would allow us to cut the monthly payment in half and give you breathing room so you could recover. Those days are long gone.

If you are unable to afford the minimum payments in a credit counseling program then you need to click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney. You do realize that if your goal is to repay your debt for personal reasons that you can go bankrupt and still repay your debt. In this case bankruptcy gives you all the legal protections afforded to you under the law like 0% interest, stops collection calls, and prevents lawsuits.

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I’d really like to see you investigate both options and then make an informed decision about what approach will work best for you. Thanks for thinking of me once again.

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