Identity Thieves Flee Walgreens Without Credit Card But Grab Condoms and Greeting Card on the Way Out

Out of Wyckoff, new Jersey comes the standard story of credit card impostors using fake cards to buy merchandise. What made me chuckle about this story was what the crooks took as they fled the drug store after a declined purchase using one of the fake cards.

According to police, the same men returned yesterday, and attempted separate purchases. The first man reportedly purchased $900 worth of Visa gift cards and the credit card check cleared the purchase. The second man then attempted to purchase $600 worth of Visa gift cards and some merchandise, and his credit card was declined.

Police say that the men then quickly fled the store to a car outside occupied by a third person driving, taking with them two boxes of condoms and a greeting card that were not paid for.

You can read the entire story here.


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