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I’ve Never Had Credit Cards. How Do I Improve My Credit Score? – Albert

By on April 16, 2010
I’ve Never Had Credit Cards. How Do I Improve My Credit Score? – Albert

“Dear Steve,

My score is at 630 and I want to improve it, but how? I don’t owe anyone and have never had a credit cards really.

How do I establish better credit? I owe only like some parking tickets (2) but other than that nothing. I bought a car years ago, I was late only like 4 payments out of a 4 yr loan. That’s about it, so how or what kind of cards should I seek? I applied a few months ago for a chase visa credit card and was denied. I’ve checked my credit report and nothing negative shows. Please help my ignorant self


Dear Albert,

Think about it like this. Right now you had a ‘D’ grade point average. How do you bring that up? You do better on future tests.

You are not going to get good credit report about you to the credit bureaus unless you get in the credit game.

It’s actually easy to rebuild good credit. Here’s how you do it.


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