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How Can I Get My Old Bad Credit Removed?


Question: Dear Steve, Years ago I had a car accident and was out of work and got in trouble with all my creditors. My credit since I got healthy has been excellent but I am haunted by stuff that is 7-12 years old on my credit report My credit report is loaded with old debt 7+ years and many 10+ ... Read More »

    What is Your Opinion on Lending Yourself Money to Rebuild Credit?

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    “Dear Steve, Hi, I have a question about the finer points of manipulating your credit score. I’m a pretty financially savvy guy and I was doing great until the great recession hit right after I had financed an expansion to double the size of my small business. Although I fought hard, it was no longer a going concern and I ... Read More »

      I’m 22 and Need to Fix My Credit So I Can Buy a Car

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      “Dear Steve, I am 22 years old. I have never had any help with my family with any money growing up. I graduated High School in 2009 and started out with a couple credit cards. Bank of America for School books and Best Buy for a laptop. I also had a car payment that my sister had underneath her credit ... Read More »

        Ways to Build Credit Without Relying Solely on Credit Cards


        For those who prefer to pay with cash and avoid the credit card debt cycle altogether, building a solid credit history and high FICO score can be a challenge – but it doesn’t have to be. Only a small portion of your FICO score is based on having and using revolving credit. The first step is to understand what goes ... Read More »

          Should I Wait to Rebuild My Credit or Start Now? – Renee

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          “Dear Steve, I’m 36 and I got credit cards for the first time at age 27 in 2004. I had pretty low limits, 1,000 or less on the 3. I lost the security of my job and got behind on payments, then eventually stopped paying and everything went to collections in 2007. I’ve managed to pay off all my student ... Read More »

            We Got Rejected for a Credit Card Because We Had Been in Credit Counseling. – Lyna

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            “Dear Steve, I just finished paying off my credit cards thru credit counseling, bought a house. I then applied for credit card, got denied due to being in credit couseling. How long should I wait to re-apply again? In the mean time, what could i do to erased the credit counseling on my report? Lyna” Dear Lyna, When you enroll ... Read More »

              My Past Credit is Dragging Down My Credit Score. I Want to Buy a House.

              "Credit rating" handwritten with white chalk on a blackboard

              “Dear Steve, I went through a bad health crisis several years ago (2005-2007/2008) at which time I was in and out of hospitals for periods of up to 15-30 days at a time, on disability and struggling to keep all the bills straight and paid, especially all the different Dr. and medical bills that kept rolling in. Needless to say, ... Read More »

                I Was Told Not to Pay My Default Debts But I Want to Rebuild My Credit. – Leonard

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                “Dear Steve, I’m turning 22. I have defaulted student loans, several phone bills that went into collections, a credit card that went into collections and also medical bills that are soon to go into collections. I’ve finally been able to secure a decent job, and I want to start rebuilding my credit … my score is horrible, in the low ... Read More »

                  Should I Declare Bankruptcy or Wait Four Years? – Lisa

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                  “Dear Steve, I used to make $140k, but then got divorced and lost my job. We had over $100k in credit card debt. My husband already declared BK but I haven’t for fear it would reduce my employability. My debt went delinquent 9/09 so I have already put in 3 years and they will fall off my credit in four ... Read More »

                    We Filed Bankruptcy And Saved Our Home and Car. How Do We Rebuild Our Credit? – Annie

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                    “Dear Steve, We wrote in earlier about debt settlement. We were saved from paying money to a scam operation, thank you. We did end up filing bankruptcy. My question is about our home payment and whether it is getting reported to credit agencies. Thank you for your help on this forum! I declared bankruptcy but chose to keep the house ... Read More »

                      I Have Bad Credit But Settled Some Debts. How Fast Will My Credit Score Go Up? – Lorraine

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                      “Dear Steve, Bad credit score (595), and have a lot of accounts in collections. But I have paid them off for less than the full amount. The past week I’ve been on a debt relief spree and I managed to take care of 3 of my biggest accounts that were in collections. BUT I settled all of them for less ... Read More »

                        My Credit is Ruined and I Just Got Laid Off. How Can I Improve My Credit Once I Get a Job? – Tina

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                        I recently got laid off and I have a lot of credit cards and other bills that I can’t pay. I have no savings and I recently checked my credit score and it’s already being ruined. I’m afraid if I don’t get a job soon I’m never going to get out of debt or save my credit. I need help! ... Read More »

                          I Just Filed Bankruptcy and I’m Out of Debt, Now What Should I Do?

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                          I noticed someone had recently searched for information the other day about what do to once they were out of debt. An excellent question and probably one I take for granted far too often. Getting out of debt generally involves digging yourself out or some sort of intervention like bankruptcy. The entire experience can often teach you important life lessons ... Read More »

                            How to Easily Rebuild and Repair Your Credit After Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, or Repossession


                            Most credit repair scams and schemes and just a worthless waste of money and don’t help you to legally rebuild your credit. Here is a simple process I have advised people to use for years that does the trick for rebuilding and restoring your credit from any credit disaster. This isn’t some crafty or quasi-legal technique. This is just using ... Read More »

                              If My Father Buys Off My Past Debt Will It Help Improve My Credit? – Jonathan

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                              “Dear Steve, I’m going through a lengthy divorce and custody battle in addition to having been out of work the last 5 1/2 months. My credit is pretty awful as you might imagine (mid 500’s). My debt including my car (roughly 15k) and a loan from my father for lawyer fees (20k so far) is almost 50k. Fortunately, I will ... Read More »

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