Should I Go the Bankruptcy Route in My Situation? – David

“Dear Steve,

I have a total outstanding debt of about $4200.00 on Credit Cards. I want to find a way to finally get rid of this debt so that I can move on with my life.

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I’ve thought about filing for bankruptcy there is a lawyer here in L.A. that will do it for about $800. Thats way better than $4200. but I want to see if there is other option. Its a total of 4 credit cards and cannot afford to pay off the minimum balances on all of them. I live on my own..I can bearly afford that. Is there some type of debt consolidation company that is reputable that could help even though I am a year behind or should I go the bankruptcy route?


Dear David,

Bankruptcy sounds logical in your situation. The only additional expense for you will be the court fees and cost of mandated credit counseling so you can file bankruptcy.

My advice at this point, if you don’t like the $800 attorney or the way the office staff treats you, find a different bankruptcy attorney that treats you with professionalism and respect.

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