I Work in a Title I School. Can I Get My Student Loans Forgiven? – Susan

“Dear Steve,

I have a bacholars degree and a Masters, M.Ed. and I am a high school counselor. I passed the state tests and could teach psychology and sociology. However, I am a high school counselor and have been for 8 years. I have worked in two different high schools both of which are title 1 schools (84% of our student body is on free/reduced lunch). Am I in a position to receive any type of student loan forgiveness? I have not missed a payment yet but, it is getting harder and harder to make those payments as my utilities have gone up, fuel costs and groceries have gone up. I am supporting my son who just finished his undergraduate degree and my granddaughter.

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Do I qualify for any type of student loan forgiveness?


Dear Susan,

You might be able to get relief under the Stafford Loan Forgiveness Program for Teachers. As with any other government program there are all sorts of rules. You can read those rules and print an application for forgiveness by visiting this page.

If you qualify you may be able to forgive up to $17,500 of your student loan debt.

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