Is Integrity Debt Resolution a Scam and Can They Really Eliminate My Student Loan Debts? – Jared

“Dear Steve,

I have spoken with a company called Integrity Debt Resolution (www.integritydebtresolution.com) and I am concerned with some of the information I was given and the promises made.

They claim that they have a “unique” way to dissolve my gov’t student loans and my credit card debt in just 18 months. This sounds terrific and is exactly what I’m looking for, but am wondering if it’s too good to be true.

I was also taken aback that the contract Integrity Debt Resolution sent to me doesn’t have their company name on it at all, but rather a company called “Debt Pro 123.” Is this legit? Any information is appreciated. Thank you.


Dear Jared,

Let me sum this up for you in one word, BULLSHIT.

I visited their site and saw the promise they made:

Our programs set us apart from the competition by the different types of debts included under our options- especially Student loans (private and federal), cash call loans, pay day loans, gas cards, business loans, unsecured lines of credit and more. In addition, our debt resolution process includes complete credit restoration and legal insurance at no additional cost! Integrity Debt Resolution, LLC understands the importance of keeping good credit and we stand by our services as does your attorney general, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), United States Organization of Bankruptcy Alternatives (USOBA), and The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC). – Source

I really like the statement how they stand by their services and appear to give the impression they are a member of The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC), they are not. – Source

Integrity Debt Resolution was incorporated in Oregon on January 25, 2010 and lists an apartment complex as their mailing address. – Source

DebtPro123 is a backend processor who attract resellers of their services. My bet is that Integrity Debt Resolution is really nothing but a reseller operating out of an apartment.

DebtPro123 Partnership

Integrity Debt Resolution also makes claims that it can eliminate debt using contract nullification, novation, or subordination tricks which have been wildly discredited. – Source

In fact, Integrity Debt Resolution is NOT a registered debt relief company in Oregon. I would urge you to fill out this online complaint form for the State of Oregon and report what appears to be an illegal debt management company. I did a search for them in Oregon. The results are below.

Integrity Debt Resolution - Not Registered in Oregon

My opinion, run fast, run far, but run away from anything this company has to say or promise.

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10 thoughts on “Is Integrity Debt Resolution a Scam and Can They Really Eliminate My Student Loan Debts? – Jared”

  1. Hello. I found this thread a week or so ago and have been following it with some interest. I about laughed my ass off when I read the post from “Thomas.” HAH! Obviously, Cynara is one of the owners of this “business.” Could it be more obvious that “Advocate and Client of IDR” and “Thomas” are both Cynara Blackwood, too? That post from “Thomas” is like a sales brochure: “Though I am not familiar with Integrity Debt Resolution…EVERYTHING they said to me about how the DP program would work is exactly how it is working!” “My wife and I did the research and we ARE with a company that is doing right by us.” OMG.

    And when you called her on her location…I about died laughing. Cynara/Thomas/IDR-Advocate obviously has no idea what information you can gather from her posting. In case they read this, you might want to check out these web sites:
    Ol’ Steve here definitely knows what *state* the submissions came from and probably a good idea as to the city, which is most likely Hillsboro.

    Anyway, I coldn’t resist posting. Your site has great info. This thread is quite enlightening, too, as to how these people operate. Keep up the good work. I’m keeping this page bookmarked in hopes that Ms. Blackwood will submit another reply. Very entertaining.

  2. Hello All, I was excited to be reading over some of the latest posts by Steve and come across one that I personally relate to! I have been involved in the DebtPro program for almost 9 months now, which I enrolled $38,000 in student loans and another $14,000 in credit card debt. Though I am not familiar with Integrity Debt Resolution, I too was referred to DebtPro by a company similar to them. After reading this review, I called IDR to see what kind of “advice” would be given to me and what they would say about my options. And they were right on the money! EVERYTHING they said to me about how the DP program would work is exactly how it is working. The 18 month student loan program that I am enrolled in and the 24 month debt program are going just as they said it would. I did like how IDR will pay for each consumer to go through credit restoration through The Fulfillment Center AND also pay for them to have Pre Paid Legal services for the length of their program should they need it for ANY reason. The company that I worked with did not offer me any type of credit help (other than to refer me to someone after my contract was complete) nor do they help you legally. When I hung up with IDR, I felt confident that they would take care of me and truly cared about making sure that I, as a consumer with debt, would be placed in a great program and would have the support I needed to get through a tough time in my life. I only wish that IDR was available to me when I was searching for help. Then I would not only be getting my debts resolved but would have help with my credit and access to legal help if needed for myself and my wife and children.

    The fact of the matter is, you can locate bad and negative information on pretty much anything on the internet. Hell, you can even find bad reviews on Steve Rhode himself:

    “So a little further in to the search results, I notice that Steve is linked to an organization called Myvesta, which claims to be a non-profit. So, I Google “Myvesta Steve Rhode”. And there it is…exactly what I expected to find, since nearly every so-called “guru” is not really that and usually has a shady past. As it turns out, Myvesta, which used to be known as Debt Counselors of America, has a cease and desist order from the state of California, which is known for aggressively pursuing fraudulent activities by companies such as this. Turns out our “guru” is out peddling debt advice and California has shut him down for not complying with California law. And, our so-called “non-profit” is apparently selling a $200 per month “debt payment” plan. What a complete and total fraud! Thank heavens for Google!

    So, yet a little further in to these search results, I learn that Steve and his co-founder were forced to resign from the company in late 2003. Ah, but this gets better. Steve resigned and appointed his wife as the President…so, Steve commits fraud, the state of California pursues him, and then he appoints his wife to run his company. Yeah, things have really “changed” at Myvesta, the non-profit charging a $495 enrollment fee and a $200 per month “maintenance” fee.”

    That was just a portion of the article written in March of this year. But, my point is, everyone has something negative to say about something. Is it true? Don’t know, don’t care… I just like to read his articles. But just because it is written does not make it fact. Steve is not God, nor does he know everything there is to know about what programs are available to people and what will work better from one person to the next. I KNOW that DebtPro works because I am in the program. I would refer anyone who is close to me with the same issues to join their program. What the rest of you decide is up to you. It is up to the consumer to do their own research and do what they feel is in their best interest…. and I do stress the RESEARCH part! With all of the debt “help” companies out there it is up to YOU to make sure you are with a company that is legit and that you feel comfortable with. My wife and I did the research and we ARE with a company that is doing right by us.

    Oh, by the way, my $32,000 in student loans has been reduced to just over $14,000 (a savings of over 55%!) and my $14,000 credit cards to $4,900. So YES, you CAN get help with student loans in a LEGAL, ETHICAL manner.

    Thank you for your time
    Neptune NJ

    • Thomas,

      LMAO. Really!

      First off, if you Google “Myvesta Steve Rhode” as you said, the first hit is for an article on my site where I tell you the statements made are bullshit and debunk it. So you are really going to quote me back a statement that I’ve already proven is not true?

      Second, the office address for Integrity Debt Resolution is in Hillsboro, Oregon, you posted your comment from right in that area and you say you are from Neptune, NJ.

      Now I know the exact city and provider you posted it from so let me ask you to verify that please.

      My vote is you have a relationship with Integrity Debt and are trying to spam a comment.


  3. Hi Steve and Jared,

    We are a registered business with the state of Oregon. We are not a debt relief company, therefore, we would not be listed as a registered debt relief agency with the state of Oregon. We are classified as credit intermediation.

    I am happy to answer any questions or concerns.

    Cynara Blackwood
    Integrity Debt Resolution, LLC
    Office Manager
    Direct Line: 503-336-1772

    Business Name Search

    New Search Printer Friendly Business Entity Data 06-17-2010 09:55
    Registry Nbr Entity Type Entity Status Jurisdiction Registry Date Next Renewal Date Renewal Due?
    659753-94 DLLC ACT OREGON 01-25-2010 01-25-2011
    Foreign Name

    New Search Printer Friendly Associated Names
    Please click here for general information about registered agents and service of process.
    Type AGT REGISTERED AGENT Start Date 03-03-2010 Resign Date
    Addr 1 285 LIBERTY ST NE
    Addr 2

    Addr 1 PO BOX 4263
    Addr 2

    New Search Printer Friendly Name History
    Business Entity Name Name Type Name Status Start Date End Date

    Please read before ordering Copies.
    New Search Printer Friendly Summary History
    Image Date Action Transaction Date Effective Date Status Name/Agent Change Dissolved By
    06-10-2010 ARTICLES OF AMENDMENT 06-10-2010 FI
    03-03-2010 CHANGE OF REGISTERED AGENT/ADDRESS 03-03-2010 FI Agent
    01-25-2010 ARTICLES OF ORGANIZATION 01-25-2010 FI Agent

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    Site Map | Policy | SOS Home | Oregon Blue Book | Oregon.gov

    For comments or suggestions regarding the operation of this site,
    please contact : businessregistry.sos@state.or.us

    © 2010 Oregon Secretary of State. All Rights Reserved.

    • Cynara,

      Just because you state you are not required to be a registered debt management service provider, and are not, does not mean you don’t have to register. According to the State of Oregon you must be registered if:

      “Program includes all types of “debt management” services including debt settlement, some loan modification activities, credit repair, debt proration and financial education programs.

      “Debt Management Service” means performing any of the above activities for which a person receives money or other valuable consideration or expects to receive money or other valuable consideration. Debt Management Service Providers are required to be registered with the Department of Consumer and Business Services.” – Source

      According to H.B 2191 a debt management service is defind as including:

      (b) Improving or offering to improve or preserve a consumer′s credit record, credit history or credit rating;
      (c) Modifying or offering to modify terms and conditions of an existing loan or obligation;
      (d) Obtaining or attempting to obtain as an intermediary on a consumer′s behalf a concession from a creditor including, but not limited to, a reduction in the principal, interest, penalties or fees associated with a debt.

      If you are not registered you may not:

      (1) A person that has not registered with the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services under ORS 697.632 may not engage in business in this state in the course of which the person:
      (a) Performs a debt management service; or
      (b) Receives money or other valuable consideration or expects to receive money or other valuable consideration for:
      (A) Soliciting or receiving an application from a consumer for a debt management service;
      (B) Forwarding or providing a completed application for a debt management service to a debt management service provider;
      (C) Referring a consumer to another debt management service provider, if the person is a debt management service provider;
      (D) Providing a consumer′s name, address or other information that identifies the con- sumer to a debt management service provider for the purpose of arranging the provision of a debt management service; or
      (E) Providing advice, assistance, instruction or instructional material concerning a debt management service to a consumer.

      It seems to me that since you label your services as debt resolution and credit restoration you fall squarely under the requirement to register. How would you claim you would not have to register?

      It seems to me that by your own admission you are a registered Oregon business that is operating apparently illegally.


    • Cynara,

      Just an FYI. It took the State of Oregon some time to reply but I asked if your assertion was correct and you did not need to be a registered debt relief company.

      Instead of being pissed at me, just register and get complaint.

      Here is the Oregon response.

      “Whatever she is calling her company (credit intermediation) or any other name—the bottom line is she is supplying services that fall under then definition of Debt Management.

      Michael McCord
      Non-Depository Program Manager
      State of Oregon
      Division of Finance & Corporate Securities”

  4. Steve, I VERY much appreciate the information you provided above. You confirmed my suspicions. False claims, not registered with the state in which they operate, and a lengthy response from an “Advocate and Client” that it obviously the owner of or stakeholder in IDR. Oh, brother.

    I did a lot more homework after your reply. After watching videos like this, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jS43XFa3KGU, by Suze Orman and listening to Dave Ramsey on the radio who tells people to run, not walk, from the get-out-of-debt-quick schemes like IDR and friends, I’ve made a decision:

    I downloaded your “Elimitate Your Debt Like a Pro” ebook, started reading it and plan to follow all your instructions. Your advice is similar to Dave Ramsey’s, has a step-by-step process, and it’s free! BTW, I just conquered the “Acceptance” stage of your plan and am moving on to “Establish Goals” and “Budget Numbers.”

    Again, very much appreciated. Wish me luck. It’s good to know *I* can get myself out of this situation. I may be hitting you up with some questions along the way (you offered!). Thank you.

  5. Hi Steve,

    Just wanted to help things along with the actual basis of the company Integrity Debt Resolution, LLC. We completely understand the worries and frustrations that people experience when trying to find a company that can actually help them with their financial situation at hand.

    With all fairness, IDR, LLC trully does only use processes that are approved by TASC, USOBA, and so on…as your quoted from the online site. We are happy to supply the approved documents to you and all who require these for their research. In fact, we help do research on all companies that exist for financial assistance in order to be sure that consumers are protected. Thus understanding that there are many rules and regulations to know, we help do that part for consumers who are willing to go the extra step and research, such as Jared.

    Utilizing identity theft protection, full credit monitoring, legal insurance, credit restoration, and various options to resolve ones finances, Integrity Debt Resolution, LLC has created an option for consumers to get 3 HUGE elements in 1.

    Since we do not ask for fees from any clients for the research and work that WE DO, you are right…we do not have a lavish building for people to walk into…especially since we are a nationwide network of professionals. Stemming from Georgia to Florida, to California, to Utah, to Washington to Oregon…

    As with any service, there is a starting point, we just happened to join all 3 elements together…from elements that have been established and approved by government agencies from 9 to 38 years. With that being the case, since IDR, LLC does not resolve the financial situation themselves but uses top attorneys in the consumers state, programs that have been well established, proved, and approved, IDR, LLC is only a refering agent with the knowledge of the industry…being a member of TASC would not make sense…IDR does not resolve the debt within their company but uses a process that already works. We want to make known the programs that work and the programs that do not, based on an individual basis…

    I apologize for the lengthy reply, but I know you are out to help protect consumers and so are we. I would hate to see a good thing thrown to the side, without a solid understanding of the option that is really laid out there and available for consumers today.

    BTW..the student loan resolve really does work…had to do it myself a couple years back.

    IDR, LLC advocate and Client


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