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My Mother Said I Could Take Credit Out in Her Name and Now Denies It. – Garry

“Dear Steve,

About 3-4 years ago estimated time, my mother had given me her verbal permission to get credit in her name, she never said how much credit I could take out, she said I want you to build credit, so I am fine with you having credit cards in my name with you as the 2nd cardholder to help you build credit, well times did get rough and I took out quite a few cards to pay bills, now I’m stuck with the bills and unable to pay them, one has been through the complete process of a summons to court, she knows about the whole situation, but denies now that she gave me permission to use her information, what can happen to me?

What’s the worst thing that can possibly happen, and if legal action would each card be considered a different case or would it all be considered Identify Theft? I’m curious just so I know what kind of stuff I’m facing.


Dear Garry,

The creditors will go after your mother and the debt is her responsibility unless she claims the debt is the result of identity theft and she files a police report against you.

Please update me on your progress by posting updates here in the comments section of your question. I’m very interested in how this works out for you.


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  • Thanks Steve, I’ve asked others about this situation, I just wondered where “her” giving me permission and now saying that she never gave permission would hold up in court, because this is the part that worries me the most, I worry everyday that she won’t take responsibility for the debt and at the current time I am unable to pay it.

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