When I Was Served a Summons for Credit Card Debt the Guy Hit on Me. – Charlotte

“Dear Steve,

Thank you first for the informative website,you dont know how many times i tried to find someone or something that would tell me or help me figure out what to do.

Ok my story,,..Like everyone else,i lost work and was in a major accident about 4 years ago, I tried to reason with the card companies to reduce my monthly payments,they wouldnt really budge, and as i let them know,then i could not afford to pay, this was about 3 years ago,since then as we all know things have gotten worse,and i simply cannot not pay,so i let it go..3 years later on May 29th,I get a knock at my door..when i asked the person to identify ,there was no answer,i asked at least 3 times,I then hear a vage voice claiming to be sherrif with a summons ,so frightened i open my door ,not to law enforcement,rather a man who asked me if i where me i i asked for identification ,he then cliamed that he just issues summons..AND THEN proceeded to Completely come on to me ,now grant it i was in a tight revieling workout top,but again i was in my home which i do not know how he broke into a gated complex without buzzing me.! he started by telling me that i reminded him of a girl from his past,then proceeded to ask me where i am from,if i grew up around the area,do i go out? then actually asked my name,?! uhh ok you just asked me that prior to serving me !! I mean give me a break I did not know weither i was being set up to get raped,robbed or what,so at this time i am in shock so i just listen to him,he then asks as he is STILL standing in my doorway,.. what am i watching on tv, THEN he litteraly puts his head through my front door and started commeting on my property,how nice it was etc..Now this is just my word against his right?,how can i prove it right?..well he then decided to give me his PERSONAL NUMBER and told me to call him ”maybe he can help me out”..I have his number and he even wrote it on this summons which looks fake to me,I have been so stressed out,I see that there is no court date,however i have 30 days to respond,of which he pointed out a number to call to offer 10% not a court number.. i just realised that i need to put something in writing,so i will be going to the court house tomorrow, what can i do about this i am angery,upset,and this cannot be legal,I know i screwed up but i have nothing..,only my car can they take that? and NOONE should have to be threatend in ther’re own home and have someone point blank staring at your breast while coming on to you PERIOD.
..what can i do and is it wise to address to a judge,as i do have this persons personal number and i assure he does not have mine!
Thank you so very much for any advise

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Dear Charlotte,

I can imagine it is a bit disconcerting to get served with a summons and hit on at the same time. Wow.

The debt stuff I can help you with.

The first step is to figure out how much debt you have. You can do that by tallying up your statements or get a consolidated credit report.

Next we need to deal with the expectation of income. If there is no expectation you will be able to earn sufficient income to repay these debts as the creditors demand we need to look at alternatives.

The legal and logical alternative is bankruptcy. Bankruptcy stops lawsuits, protects you from collections, blocks judgments and garnishments. It is the best legal tool you have to deal with problem debt. You can click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney and go talk to them about your situation.

One thing is for certain, something has to change. Either you need to address the debt or you need to increase income to meet the demands of the creditors.

Please update me on your progress by

You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

Steve Rhode
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