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Johnson Law Group in Nevada Told Me They Closed Up Shop and Want to Transfer My Account to Johnson Law Group in Florida. – Lynn

“Dear Steve,

I first participated with JLG, in Nevada in Fevbruary 2010. I’ve made 4 monthly payments. I just recently received a letter(6/10) from JLG in NV stating that their professional corporation will no longer be providing services that were offered to me in the past in consumer debt relief and are transfering the handling of these matters to The Johnson Law Group, PLLC in Orlando, FL, stating that they have substancial expertise in this area. All funds, including attorney trust account will be transfered and held for my benifit. They sent a paper for me to sign to transfer my files to JLG in Florida…and reassured me that they are reliable… i do have an obtion to retain new counsel/assistance and have them contact The Johnson Law Group PLLC in FL.. Does not say i can get my money back…..In the meantime I just received a call from a collector of the Law Firm of Dewicker and Associates PC in an attempt to collect a debt.
In February when I checked the JLG in Nevada, they rated the firm with an A….now their ratings are D-.

I don’t know what to do. i have no money, even though I work. It took me a very long time to go this route and now I’m beginning to think its a scam or just not right. Can you guide me. Who do i go to…..A wreck….


Dear Lynn,

I also received the following question from Jill that is related to your situation.

My inlaws are clients of Johnson Law Group NV. They have been paying for the debt settlement program for a little over a year. They recently recieved a letter informing them that JLG NV was closing and that they could opt to transfer their case to JLG FL for no additional charge. My MIL called JLG NV today to confirm that their case would be transferred and was told that Mark Eldridge has left the company and stopped paying the employee and that JLG FL has no connection to JLG NV. The employee also said that she found an attorney that would take over the case and then go after Mark Eldridge for the fees my MIL has already paid into JLG NV.

Have my inlaws just lost all of the money they had with JLG NV? Is it a normal thing for an attorney to volunteer to take over their case without collecting all the fees? What recourse do my inlaws have?

What a freaking soap opera.

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I previously wrote about the meltdown at Johnson Law Group Nevada that included Anan Mark Eldredge. You can read that here. I’ve also written about the strange twists and turns between Johnson Law Group Nevada and Johnson Law Group Florida. You can read about that here.

My vote on Lynn’s situation would be for her to click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney and go talk to them.

For Jill, with the history on these groups I’d not be confident this was going to work out smoothly.

I would think the money paid to JLG NV is gone and would not be transferred to JLG FL. It would be a good idea to talk to the attorney but I doubt the attorney is going to settle the debt, just go after Mark Eldredge.

As far as recourse goes, filing a complaint with the Nevada bar association against Eldredge, and suing Eldredge and JLG NV seems like it.

Please post the attorney name in the comments so others can talk to the attorney as well.

As badly as this has all ended it seems like both the clients and Anan Mark Eldredge have been victimized by Johnson Law Group. You’ve got to read the backstory to understand why I say that.

Please update me on your progress by posting updates here in the comments section of your question. I’m very interested in how this works out for you.


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  • Hi seams like we all are in the same boat hear, do anyone have an address or phone number to reach jlg in florida? phone nor email works with jlg of nevada.

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