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J Hass Group Took Our $25,000 And Won’t Give It Back. – Jennifer

“Dear Steve,

My husband decided to settle approx $45K in credit card debt with the J Hass Group and we have several issues that we need help with:

1). They took our case without having our credit accounts in R-9 status (sent to 3rd party collectors) which is the only time they can help since the creditors won’t work with them directly.
2). My name was on 2 of the 3 higher balanced accounts and I didn’t sign anything! I would never have agreed to this if I knew everything about it!
3). We were able to pay the entire agreement within 4 months of the program with the understanding that they could then negotiate our debts and that is not true. We were very mislead!
4). They have our money and won’t give it back (approx. $25K!)
5). We need to get our money returned in order to pay our creditors now to avoid bankruptcy, wage garnishment, being sued etc…
6). We have until the end of August to negotiate the debt before it goes to a 3rd party collector and would like to avoid that!
7). They “sold” it to us as they would protect us legally and that is a lie!
8). Our credit is SHOT and we need to work quickly to repair it since we have a move coming with my husband’s company in the next year so that we can qualify for a mortgage!

PLEEEEEEZE HELP!!! I’ve contacted the Missouri State Bar Assoc., the Missouri Attorney General’s Office and a local Attorney last week and am waiting to learn about my rights legally but am desperate for an answer about what I can do!! Please help me!

What are my legal rights at this point and what should I do to get our money back?


Dear Jennifer,

I am shocked they would negotiate on your behalf or represent you when you have notified them you did not authorize them to.

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I’d suggest you start with this process, “How to Get Out of a Debt Settlement Program and Get a Big Refund“. In addition I would suggest that because of the limited time and need to get your money back that you contact a local attorney to represent you in this matter and contact J Hass Group for a quick refund.

I will add Jeremy Hass on this post and ask him to please review this post so he sees what is going on and can comment. Please be sure to update the comments section to let us all know what is going on.

It might just be that you will have to seek bankruptcy protection if the J Hass Group does not refund your money in a timely fashion. In that case I would expect the bankruptcy trustee to go after J Hass Group for the return of the funds in order to distribute them to your creditors.

Please update me on your progress by posting updates here in the comments section of your question. I’m very interested in how this works out for you.


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  • Jennifer

    I am truly hopeful that Mr Jeff Hass does what he told you he would.

    In my case I did try the professional approach with JHG. That was over 8 months ago & it got me no where.

    Please do me one favor, in spreading the word about debt settlement to individuals. Please read my post on 08/05/2010 regarding the statements Mr Jeff Hass made in this newspaper article. People can review the article & compare the statements made on the JHG website, then decide on their own if this company is legitimate.

    Thank You & good luck

  • Update:
    As of today I viewed my bank account and noted that there was a refund of $499 and some change to my bank account from Noteworld. I know that I had approx. $519 (and rec. validation of that from both Noteworld and the JHG) in that account, so I’m unsure of what happened to the remaining balance.

  • Just wanted to give an update…
    At this moment in time (Friday, August 6th, 2010 at 5:07 pm) we are actually behind $2662 and some change…I think $.40. We are supposed to be getting the reserves of our Noteworld account in the amount of $519 (or so) soon, although at this moment that has not arrived at my bank. Once that arrives in my bank account I will update my status and at that time will be behind $2143.12. I will also update as to my status with the JHG looking into returning the remaining funds.


  • The JHG lies right from the begining.
    When signing up for their program none of my accounts were behind.
    Knowing I was getting nowhere & could only make my min. payments for a short time longer. They instructed me not to make further payments to my creditors.

    Of course they denie that they would ever tell a customer not to make payments to creditors. *See other related articles to read above (Guardian Referal Network & J. Hass Group slammed in article).

    Mr Jeff Hass quoted in this article that they would never tell a customer not to make payments to creditors.

    Look at my comment on this article. The JHG on their website clearly tell customers they need to stop paying creditors. They know full well by doing this, your debts will sky rocket due to penalties & interest.

    The whole company is a scam, why else would they change the name so many times.
    The J. Hass Group, JDH & associates, JHG, American Debtsettlement Group, etc.

    Don’t trust Noteworld either, sure I read they are currently named in a class action suit.

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