Like Five Years Ago I Had a Discover Card and Now I’m Being Sued. – David

“Dear Steve,

Like 5 yrs ago I had a Discover card for 2500.00. I paid about 1100 of it then no work. Paid another 700 to collection agency through direct deposit every mo. in the amount of 70 dollars. At the end of the year my balance was higher with interest and penalities. Now I am being summoned to court for 2326.75. By a collection agency Lawyer. I called tried to negotiate a settlement no avail.

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Im laid off and on federal tier, I afford to make payments but to no avail. She laughed at me on the phone. Said then I would see them in court what do I do and how to plead to judge? I live in Ohio. I don’t have any documents or anything to prove how much I paid as it was so long ago.


Dear David,

You might want to contact your local Legal Aid office for free legal help. They can help educate about what you can do to ask the collector to verify exactly what you owe.

You should read Most Debt Buyer Lawsuits Foiled By Inability To Prove Debt Owed for more information on how these old debts can be a problem for the attorney suing you.

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