Offshore Debt Settlement, Morgan Drexen, Badges, Elizabeth Warren, Bed Intruder, CROA, and More – Podcast

Here is this weeks podcast where Damon Day and I talk about a number of debt industry issues including:

  • Debt settlement companies settling up offshore enterprises to sell services back to U.S. residents.
  • The odd statements made in the recent Morgan Drexen press release. You can watch video from the release here.
  • What is the Financial & International Independent News network, independentnews.org?
  • Elizabeth Warren rap.
  • The Bed Intruder story and song.
  • Budgeting and why we hate to budget but love peach super-delites.
  • Recent ruling that impacts all credit counseling companies and the danger they face from class action suits under the Credit Repair Organizations Act.
  • Damon rants about the sudden change in message from The Association of Settlement Companies.
  • The switch by Credit Answers from TASC to USOBA.
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