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“Dear Steve,

We ran up our credit cards about 3 years ago when my husband got laid off & had to take a job paying $10.00 an hour. One of our daughters has a life threatening illness & I couldn’t work outside the home full time. We contacted New Horizons Debt Relief out of Southern California & to settle with the creditors. We paid their fees, settled a few of the smaller debts, but got behind saving the $$ required to settle the larger debts. We kept sending updates to them about how much we had saved. All of a sudden, no response from them. So, I guess we have been taken. I guess we could have settled with the creditors ourselves but just didn’t know how. After reading your ebook on getting out if debt, my husband and I have accepted where we are and are going forward.

Do you know anything about this company? I have called the phone numbers, 866-680-1165, or 866 200-4141, and it is always busy. The website looks intact, but the links aren’t operational. the email came back undeliverable. The owner is Monica Medeiros. Her email also omes back as undeliverable. Can you help? I googled the company with no clues as to what may have happened. www.newhorizonsdebtrelief.com is the website.

Thanks… I feel so blessed to have found you when I did. I now have hope!


Dear Debbye,

I wish I had better news but you’re right, it looks like New Horizons has closed up shop. My calls to them would not go through and my email to clientrelations@newhorizonsdebtrelief.com was bounced back as undeliverable as well.

In case this helps, the the domain name for New Horizons is publicly registered to:

Gil Medeiros
4 Plumeria Lane
Aliso Viejo, California 92656

Gil Medeiros, Jr. is also listed as the registered agent for New Horizons Debt Relief, Inc. in California. – Source

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You might want to contact Gil for more information since Gil obviously has a direct relationship with New Horizons Debt Relief. I sent Gil an email in researching this post but had not heard back from Gil by the time I published it. I also emailed USOBA to ask if New Horizons was officially out of business but USOBA is horrible at responding so if I hear anything I’ll post an update or something in the comments.

I did a search to see if New Horizons has filed bankruptcy and I did not find any record of that so that means that while they may have gone AWOL, they are not legally out of business. (Yes, I know a company does not have to go bankrupt to go legally out of business but with the large amount of client claims against a debt settlement company, it is logical for them to go bankrupt first.)

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At this point you are left with two situations. The first is how to recover the money you have paid New Horizons for services which they have not delivered yet and the second is what to do with the rest of your creditors.

For the money recovery part I would suggest you immediately follow my process on How to Get Out of a Debt Settlement Program and Get a Big Refund. If there is any cash left in the company I want you to get your part first before they do most likely go bankrupt if they are closed.

You might also want to read What to Do When Your Debt Settlement Company Goes Out of Business.

As far as dealing with your remaining creditors I’m not sure what path you have selected. It seems that you’ve reached a decision after reading one of my free books but update me in the comments and let me know what the game plan is, please.

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Hopefully one of the loyal readers here has an update on New Horizons and posts it in the comments section below.

RIP New Horizons?

Please update me on your progress by

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