If a Credit Card Company Charges Off a Debt Can They Still Sue You? I Was a Victim of CMS and Brad Daley. – Jay

“Dear Steve,

I also was a victim of CMS and Brad Daley. I was sued and got a judgment against me from B/A.

My question is, If a credit card company writes the debt off, can an attorney still sue you? Looks like if the debt was written off the IRS would write off the total for the cc company and they’re would be no debt owed.

Now I have another attorney in another state sending me letters that I did answer that I disputed.

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Thank you


Dear Jay,

I know, it’s totally crazy but a debt must be charged off in accordance with the rules put forward by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. A charged off debt is reported to the IRS and you owe taxes on the forgiven debt. But the debt is actually not forgiven nor not collectible.

A charge off is an accounting function and does not mean the debt is still not legally collectible. The original creditor or a new creditor that buys the debt may sue you to enforce the debt contract and to collect the debt.

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