How Do I Get Out of This Debt Program I Just Started? – Vivian

“Dear Steve,

I have contacted a get out of debt program and they have received their first payment. The contract was e-mailed to me but i have not signed or returned the contract. Will I still be held to the phone agreement or can I stop the process at this point with out a signed agreement. I got a call today from my credit card company and they stated that they do not work with the debt program that I have signed up to use. My credit card is with Discover and the program is with Global Solutions. Please inform me.

Can I get out of this program that has just started but does not have a signed contract?

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Dear Vivian,

I would contact the company and tell them you’ve changed your mind and want the first payment back. Since you have not signed the contract there is no agreement between the two of you and they should promptly return the funds. If they don’t let me know in the comments below.

Global Client Solutions is the third-party escrow company and not the debt relief company you contacted. If you feel unsure the company is going to play nicely then you should consider changing the bank account number they are drafting from to prevent any further drafts out of that account.

If you can provide me with more information about your financial situation then I can at least get you headed in the right direction for an appropriate solution.

Please update me on your progress by

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