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I had a rough child-hood and came out of a very poor home. I have already attending a University through the help of a friend and with a hefty private loan from Chase banking. Currently I am interested in returning to school since I’ve grown up a bit in the year I have been away but I still owe quite a large sum of money to Chase for the original time I was attending.

I have attended a school already (which I am wanting to go back to). At that time I was still at an age of growing and learning about myself and getting over a lot of past problems that came with me. In the year away I have learned how to let go of a lot of baggage and be more responsible, have held a job ever since.

When I left the school I owed the government about 9k or so of debt and Chase banking 20k which has gone up to 24k ~ 25k because of interest.

I have been unable to pay their requested payments of $269 a month and have talked to them about lowering the payments or moving them to a better date for me to handle. They refuse to do either until I have a “good track record of payments”.. that I simply cannot afford.

However, I am able to afford the $97.64 monthly payments for the government loans and now the $17 for a Wal-Mart credit card I used to get some needed items.

I know I am now capable and ready to take on the school, for it wasn’t so much the work was hard as it was hard for me to get over my baggage and irresponsibility. I am just unsure if it will be possible somehow.

I want to go back and finish my degree in computer science. The school offers ways to network with companies to earn a job while still in school. I am unsure if Chase will be willing to help me out again being I havn’t been able to make any payments (though I made a few in the beginning for two or three months until I just couldn’t afford it). I am aware that if I don’t finish my studies and don’t earn a degree that I would be more in debt but I am head-strong and determined to get finished this time and not slack off anymore.

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I really would like to know a solution of any sorts to help me get back to school. I would like to know if the government FASFA will be willing to work with me since I essentially pay my own bills but would still be considered a dependent because of my age. As well, I would like to know if there is someway I can get a loan (more likely I will need it) to pay off the tuition if not through Chase then perhaps another bank that may accept me. Another option is if you know where I may be able to apply for as many scholarships / grants as I can to help pay off the whole two year tuition ($75,000)

I am willing to work for whatever may come my way. If you need more information please let me know.

Thanks in advanced.


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